Spain, Schlein: «The black wave can be stopped». Tajani: «Congratulations to Feijoo, Ppe returns to first party»

Spain, Schlein: «The black wave can be stopped».  Tajani: «Congratulations to Feijoo, Ppe returns to first party»

Spain: Tajani, congratulations to Feijoo, Ppe returns to first party

"Congratulations to Nunez Feijoo and the friends of the Partido Popular who, with over 8 million votes, are once again the leading party in Spain." This is what the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani wrote on Twitter, commenting on the results of the political elections in Spain. "The EPP also represents the center of politics in Spain, which is good news for all of Europe," added Tajani.

Calenda, I'm happy with Vox's defeat

«The elections marked a defeat for Vox and I'm happy, but the popular party and the social democrats are unable to govern, as in Italy there are still barriers between right and left, but in my opinion these must be overcome because there are things to do together: from the minimum wage to the school that is falling apart, instead we continue to talk about right and left. In Spain, I believe that Sanchez will be in charge in the end, but a way to create a new government will not be found. the risk is that he will always continue to go to the elections». This was underlined by the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda at Agora estate on 3, commenting on the outcome of the Spanish elections.

Renzi, clear message to Meloni, Europeans are won in the center

“In Spain we don't know who won, but we know who lost: Vox, the extremist right. It is an interesting sign: elections against Europe are not won. And the next European championships will be won in the centre. A message that from Madrid also reaches Rome loud and clear. Giorgia, do you hear this Vox? Three mini comments: 1. We need the direct election of the head of government, in Spain as in Italy as in the European Commission. Otherwise there will be more and more distance between voters and institutions. 2. Sánchez was ruthless and skilful in using all the institutional mechanisms to block the success of the right. In short, the opposite of Enrico Letta. 3. The polls don't always get us right, on the contrary. Have a good week ». This is what the leader of Italia viva wrote on Facebook, Matteo Renzi.

Gasparri, satisfied with the result of the popular party

«The European Popular Party, of which Forza Italia is a part, also includes the Spanish Popular Party, which represents one of the most important components. In these elections he gained many votes compared to the previous ones and therefore if there is a government it will be up to the People's Party to indicate its leader as guide. Vox's party received the least votes, demonstrating that a moderate force, such as the EPP, is needed to be able to lead the government. In Spain now the voters will decide who gets the majority, but we are very happy with the result because the Spanish People's Party has proved to be the leading party». This was stated by Forza Italia senator Maurizio Gasparri, at Agorà Estate on Rai3.

Casini, government officials seriously examine the results

«I hope that around Palazzo Chigi and in general among government officials it will be possible to silence the propaganda, at least for a minute, and seriously examine the Spanish results. Intelligent pauca». This is what Pier Ferdinando Casini wrote on Facebook.

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