Salvini extends his hand to Meloni: yes to the direct election of the premier

Salvini extends his hand to Meloni: yes to the direct election of the premier

At the Trento economics festival, the Minister of Infrastructure calls for caution on constitutional reforms but is in favor of the premiership: "Let's not touch on the role of the head of state but citizens must directly indicate a majority and who will lead it"

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, yesterday connected from the prefecture of Bologna to the Festival of Economy organized in Trento by the Sole 24Ore. Among other things - the major works and infrastructure needed by the country, digitization and autonomy - he also spoke of constitutional reforms. On the subject, the leader of the Northern League called for caution: he said he was against presidentialism but provided a discreet assist to Meloni on the premiership. "I wouldn't touch the role of the head of state," she said, "and I would give all citizens the opportunity to directly indicate a majority and who will lead itto ensure that there will be no political upheavals within the legislature itself". Salvini added that "the direct indication by the citizens of a Prime Minister would bring stability, an important value for the markets".

Therefore the wall inside the majority on the hypothesis of premiership collapses, an idea espoused by the prime minister who, following the reconnaissance made with the oppositions, seems to have abandoned the path of direct election of the president of the republic in favor of that of the head of government. On the opposition side, the parties of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, Italia Viva and Azione, said they were ready to collaborate, while there was an opening on the part of the Pd and M5s.

The fundamental point for the head of the League is to arrive at the project differentiated autonomy, to which we must add "the local authorities which will be able to better manage certain competences". "I feel like it's a perfect mix," she says. "The reforms are in perfect union: giving Italians the possibility of choosing a strong and stable government and at the same time implementing what the Constitution already provides and therefore delegating certain competences to the regions that want".

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