Rugby on the pitch for cancer prevention: the “Vittoria for women tour” is underway

Rugby on the pitch for cancer prevention: the "Vittoria for women tour" is underway


Under the banner of the claim “female prevention is our goal”, rugby, in its “beach” version, becomes the vehicle of a campaign for female cancer prevention (but not only). Marina di Ardea (RM) starts this weekend the “Vittoria For Women Tour”, an initiative by Vittoria Assicurazioni in collaboration with the Specchio d’Italia Foundation and the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR), the first of six stages that will travel across Italy from the North South.

It is an itinerant journey, in the setting of the Italian Beach Rugby Trophy, designed and created to celebrate the importance of feeling protected, on the pitch and in life, and to raise public awareness on the issue of female cancer prevention. The initiative aims to inform and empower all citizens, regardless of gender, strong in the belief that prevention does not only come from women, but from everyone’s conscience.

At each stage of the roadshow, which will end on 30 July in Torre San Giovanni (LE), there will be a Maxi Ducato called “SpecchioBus”, an itinerant information and prevention center which will be managed by the Specchio d’Italia Foundation and will be doctor for a free breast examination. Furthermore, for the entire duration of the tour, fundraising will be promoted which will be digitally monitored through a special “Meta detector” aimed at supporting the purchase of a second SpecchioBus to expand the commitment on the national territory.

The event will also combine music and sports. On the notes of the hits of the moment broadcast by RTL, the official radio of the tour, adults and children, supported by experts and players, will in fact have the opportunity to learn the techniques of rugby and the healthy values ​​that characterize it, in an experience of unique game.

The protagonist of the field will be a pink oval ball which will symbolically become the value to be protected up to the goal.


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