today's program and where to see it on TV -

today's program and where to see it on TV -

Many Azzurri competing in the three days of the European Championships. Sunday is the day of the most eagerly awaited big names

The first history of athletics: September 1965, two separate venues for men (Stuttgart) and women (Kassel), both in Germany. At the time the European Team Championships were called the European Cup, they were dominated by the Soviet Union, recording legendary winners in the roll of honour: the mythological Valeri Brumel in the high jump, Igor' Ter-Ovanesjan in the long run, Tamara Press in the shot put in a very small women's program which, on the racing front, did not go beyond 800 meters because at the time athletics was only allowed in very moderate doses. In times when the World Cup was an unconceived dream (born only in 1983), the European team championship was the main battlefield between the great powers of athletics. Dry-mouthed in the two inaugural editions, we Azzurri won our first medals in Stockholm 1970 with the men (the gold of Franco Arese in the 1500 metres) and in Turin in 1979 among the women with the silver in the grande Sara Simeoni. Among the historical successes that of 1975 by Peter Mennea on the legendary Borzov on 200 meters, by Scartezzini in the 3000 steeplechase in 1979, by Brooding on the 5 and 10,000 meters in Moscow in 1985.

In spite of many victories, in 58 years we have never conquered the rankings for clubs, which came close two years ago against Poland who surpassed us by a trifle: 2.5 points. Self Gianmarco Tamberi had he not been injured before the high jump competition (zero points in the event won by the Pole Kobielski with a modest ee 24) we could have overtaken the winners. However, it was the best placement in our history. Divided into three series, the European Cup has for some years seen us fighting in the very first division (with Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey) in a reduced program (there are no walks, marathon and 10 thousand meters) but still very rich.

Sixteen nations, one athlete per discipline with first place that counts for the European title but above all brings 16 points to the team. From 2009 onwards, only Russia, Germany and Poland have won the title. In the previous editions, France and Great Britain had also been included. The stars of the blue expedition are the Olympian Gianmarco Tamberiwho joined at the last moment and in Poland in his seasonal debut, Philip Tortu who runs the 200m and perhaps the 4x100m (together with the other two gold medals from Tokyo, Patta and Desalu), Larissa Iapichinothe European champion of the 10,000 meters Yeman Crippathe Lazio star of the high jump Mattia Furlanithe shot put Weirfresh Italian record holder, and the talented Daisy Osakue (disk), Zaynab Dosso (100 women), Pietro Arese (1500 meters).

Where to see on tv and the program

The three days of the European Championships are broadcast live on Rai 2 starting around 4pm. Here is the list of Azzurri in the race

Friday June 23rd

16.15 Female weight, Monia Cantarella
16.20 Female hammer, Sara Fantini
17.05 400 female, Alice Mangione
17.22 Triple men, Tobia Bocchi
17.35 400 men, Lorenzo Benati
17.55 5000 female, Nadia Battocletti
18.15 Female Disco, Daisy Osakue
18.20 Men's auction, Claudio Stecchi
18.28 800 male, Catalin Tecuceanu
18.55 3000 steeplechase men, Osama Zoghlami
19.30 100 female, Zaynab Dosso
19.50 100 men, Samuele Ceccarelli

Saturday June 24th

15.10 Men's hammer, Giorgio Olivieri
15.20 Male long, Mattia Furlani
15.55 Female auction, Roberta Bruni
16.05 110 men's hurdles, Hassane Fofana
16.25 100 women's hurdles, Elisa Di Lazzaro
16.50 800 female, Eloisa Coiro
17.10 1500 male, Pietro Arese
17.15 Male disco, Alessio Mannucci
17.26 Triple female, Ottavia Cestonaro
17.40 Women's 400m hurdles, Ayomide Folorunso
18.05 400 men's hurdles, Alessandro Sibilio
18.30 4x100 women, Italy
18.50 4x100 male, Italy

Sunday June 25th

15.25 Women's javelin, Federica Botter
15.30 Alto male, Gianmarco Tamberi
16.00 200 female, Dalia Kaddari
16.20 200 men, Filippo Tortu
16.23 Male weight, Zane Weir
16.50 Female long, Larissa Iapichino
17.00 3000 female hedges, Eleonora Curtabbi
17.20 High female, Erika Furlani
17.28 Men's javelin, Michele Fina
17.35 5000 men, Yeman Crippa
18.15 1500 female, Sintayehu Vissa
18.37 4x400 mixed X, Italy

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