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risks losing 147 million - Corriere.it


Of Salvatore Riggio

The Portuguese has signed a contract with Nike but wore Adidas shin guards during a friendly between Al-Nassr and Celta Vigo, he could miss the 147 million contract

A 147 million euro mistake. how much is the one committed by Cristiano Ronaldo during his Al Nassr friendly match against Celta Vigo. The reason? The attacker violated a strict rule related to sponsorships. Basically, known directive, if you sign for one brand, you can’t wear another one, especially the rival one. Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to Nike since 2003 with whom he signed a contract that accompanied him throughout his career for an astronomical sum of 147 million euros.

But now everything could suddenly vanish due to a carelessness committed by the Portuguese champion, who wore the Juventus shirt in Italy before returning, without repeating the glories of the past, to Manchester United. During Al Nassr-Celta Vigo Cristiano Ronaldo would have worn Adidas shin guards. The German brand is the number one rival of the American Nike+ which went on a rampage. According to what transpires from sources close to the US brand, the agreement could be torn up with the consequence that the Portuguese would risk losing as much as 147 million euros. Of course, there are those who point out that CR7 would not be left without sponsorship. Indeed, the brands would compete to grab the champion. Which in Saudi Arabia started a real exodus of many champions from Europe, even from A.

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