Results of the elections in Spain, the reactions from Mussolini to Renzi

Results of the elections in Spain, the reactions from Mussolini to Renzi

The result of the Spanish elections produces different reactions even within the same poles of majority and opposition.

If the right does not comment on the Vox flop, the moderates of the majority and the third pole rejoice at the affirmation of the popular ones, the estate of Pedro Sanchez makes the dems hope. So the deputy premier force Antonio Tajani is the quickest to tweet to congratulate Nunez Feijoowhile the leader of Italia Viva Matthew Renzi makes a display of irony - "Giorgia, can you hear this Vox?" – and indicates a political perspective: "At the European Championships you win in the center". The stance of MEP FI is also surprising Alessandra Mussolini which sees in the opaque result of the Iberian sovereignists "a sign of civilization". A position not very far from that of the Anpi for which the defeat of Vox is "good news for the anti-fascists".

Renzi: "Clear message to Meloni, Europeans are won in the center"

"In Spain we don't know who won, but we know who lost: Vox, the extremist right. It's an interesting sign: elections against Europe are not won. And the next European elections will be won in the centre. A message that Madrid also reaches Rome loud and clear. Giorgia, do you hear this Vox? Three mini comments: 1. We need the direct election of the head of government, in Spain as in Italy as in the European Commission. Otherwise there will be more and more distance between voters and institutions. 2. Sanchez was sp rejuvenated and skilled in using all the institutional mechanisms to block the success of the right. In short, the opposite of Enrico Letta. 3. The polls don't always get us right, quite the contrary". The leader of Italia viva writes it on Facebook, Matthew Renzi.

Calenda, I'm happy with Vox's defeat

"The elections marked a defeat for Vox and I'm happy, but the popular party and the social democrats are unable to govern, as in Italy there are still barriers between right and left, but in my opinion these must be overcome because there are things to do together: from the minimum wage to the school that is falling apart, instead we keep talking about left and right. In Spain, I think Sanchez will be appointed in the end, but we won't find a way to form a new government. The risk is that he will always continue to go to elections". This was stated by the leader of Action, Charles Calenda.

"The Spanish elections tell us that propaganda and extremism don't go very far. Popular values ​​can really be a barrier to populism and sovereignty". So on Twitter Mariastella GelminiSenator and spokesperson for Action.

Bonaccini: “Applause for Sanchez, he did nothing wrong. He lost Meloni's ally Vox, this is also good news ”

"Applause to Pedro Sanchez. He did practically nothing wrong, subverted the predictions and demonstrated that the right can be fought against, despite a strong favorable wind blowing in Europe". Thus, on his Facebook profile, the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, comments on the outcome of the general elections in Spain. "Therefore - he argues - there is a future for a reformist and radical left at the same time, with a culture of government. The extreme right of Vox, an ally of Meloni, has lost and this too - concludes Bonaccini - is good news".

"The black wave stops thanks to Pedro Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz! The Socialist Party and Sumar have recovered enough consensus to prevent the PP from having a majority together with Vox, the nationalist far right close to Meloni. Good news for all of Europe!". She writes it in a tweet Brando BenifeiHead of Delegation for MEPs Pd.

"Spain says no to the agreement between the popular and conservatives. Sanchez is making a comeback, a sensational flop by Vox. Proof of the fact that the right in Europe remains on the margins if a center-left capable of uniting and governing in a pragmatic way persists, making the necessary reforms and putting attention to people and workers first, combining economic growth and rights. An excellent job by the Spanish prime minister, a useful lesson to curb the right-wing wind at the next European elections". Thus on social networks the MEP of the Democratic Party and president of the Economic Commission of the European Parliament, Irene Tinagli.

"Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE with courage and determination overturned the narrative of an already written ending where the Popolari and the far right of Vox seemed to triumph. An important result in view of next year's European elections, a lesson in reality and pragmatism for all European progressives. It is possible to stop the right with reformism and responsibility. Adelante Pedro!". The MEP of the Democratic Party and vice president of the European Parliament writes it on Twitter, Pina Picierno.

Bonelli: "Giorgia Meloni's support hasn't been good for Vox"

"Giorgia Meloni's support did not bring good luck to Vox who lost 19 seats! The defeat of the sovereignists and climate deniers is good news along with Sumar's extraordinary result with Yolanda Diaz who kept social and environmental justice together." So in a tweet the national co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra Angelo Bonelli.

Fratoianni, stop the black wave of Meloni's friends

"Yolanda Diaz is right: 'Spain slept more peacefully tonight' because the black wave of Meloni's friends was stopped". The national secretary of the Italian Left wrote it on Twitter Nicola Fratoianni, parliamentarian of the Left Green Alliance. "Vox's defeat and Sumar's excellent result are excellent news. And not only - concludes Fratoianni - for Spain.

Tajani: "Congratulations to Feijoo, PP returns to first party"

Congratulations to Nunez Feijoo and friends of the PP who, with over 8 million votes, are once again the leading party in Spain. The EPP also represents the center of politics in Spain, which is good news for all of Europe". So on Twitter the deputy prime minister and foreign minister Antonio Tajani.

The European Popular Party, of which Forza Italia is a part, also includes the Spanish Popular Party, which represents one of the most important components. In these elections he gained many votes compared to the previous ones and therefore if there is a government it will be up to the People's Party to indicate its leader as guide. Vox's party received the least votes, demonstrating that a moderate force, such as the EPP, is needed to be able to lead the government. In Spain now the voters will decide who will get the majority, but we are very happy with the result because the Spanish People's Party has proved to be the leading party". Maurice Gasparri.

Vox's lack of success in the general elections in Spain is "positive", because the far-right party founded by Santiago Abascal has retrograde positions on "rights", which is why the rejection from the polls is a "great sign of civilization" of the Spanish population. And in the coming months, Spain will be a political "laboratory" to keep an eye on in view of the European elections in June 2024, also given its affinity with Italy. Meanwhile, in Brussels the dialogue between the EPP and the S&D could be favored by the imminent departure of Frans Timmermans, who is running for prime minister in the next political elections in Holland. To tell Adnkronos is Alessandra Mussolinideputy head of delegation of Forza Italia (PPE group) in the European Parliament.

Anpi, Vox defeated, good news for anti-fascists

"Vox's negative result in the general elections in Spain is good news for all anti-fascists. Vox is a neo-Francoist and obscurantist formation, it opposes women's rights and important civil rights, it pursues a liberal economic policy that increases inequalities, denies climate change, it is ultra-nationalist, therefore it adheres to the European party of reformists and conservatives led by Giorgia Meloni. Vox's defeat confirms that the extreme right can be defeated: in Spain as in Italy and in Europe. And it is won restoring trust to voters, representing their interests, uniting anti-fascists". So the president of the Anpi, Gianfranco Pagliarulocomments the results of the elections in Spain to ANSA.

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