«Rainbow families? The problem is the surrogate uterus. And the regularizations feed it»- Corriere.it

«Rainbow families?  The problem is the surrogate uterus.  And the regularizations feed it»- Corriere.it

Of Alessandra Arachi

The Minister for the Family: we want to hit this market, not homosexuals

Minister Eugenia Roccella, in Milan the prefect told the mayor to suspend the transcripts of the children of gay couples. The proposal for a European regulation on the certificate of filiation was rejected in Parliament. What is happening?

"There's only one problem."


«Surrogacy, which I prefer to call surrogate uterus because it is clearer that there is a buying and selling of parenthood, a real market. The children of homosexual male couples are born with a surrogate uterus. The question is whether we want to legitimize it or not."

But more heterosexual couples resort to surrogacy than homosexual ones...

«It is not a problem of homosexuals or heterosexuals, it is very wrong to think that those who are against this market want to hit homosexuals, I would like the two things not to be confused: the rented uterus and sexual orientation, the sexual choices of people. It is the practice of the surrogate womb that must also be fought at an international level".

The newspaper Avvenire talks about "justice of the day after" to protect children who, having come into the world, now live with two fathers or two mothers. What to do for them?

"It does not seem to me that there is discrimination against these children, especially after the sentence of the Constitutional Court on the so-called adoptions in particular cases with which the child is completely inserted into the family nucleus".

Would step child adoption be a particular adoption, which has been removed from the law on civil unions?

"That's what the Cassation says: in these cases we must go through the evaluation of the judge".

And couldn't it be included in a law instead of leaving it in the hands of the judges?

«The judges have the task of verifying that the relationship with the other non-biological parent really exists and is continuous. A law that activates an automatic procedure cannot do this. But then we are always talking about the same problem».

The uterus for rent?

"Already. If a person goes abroad to practice the rental uterus and knows very well that in Italy there is a law which guarantees that the child will be the son of the client - I want to call him client, it's a market - so you don't fight it problem".

But they go there anyway.

«But if we regulate everything we increase this practice. And we instead want to fight it internationally, making it a universal crime. An amendment against surrogacy proposed in Europe was rejected, not voted by Elly Schlein.

He does not agree with a law that regulates step child adoptions and does not delegate them to the judge each time. Why not think instead of adoptions for homosexual couples?

«We have a big problem, there are very few children who can be adopted. Even with international adoptions, this problem has worsened".

Is it therefore a question linked to the number of children that can be adopted?

«It is clear that some situations are privileged. The adoption law includes a number of conditions and, clearly, the best interests of the child. The children entrust themselves to families who have the necessary requisites ».

So to families with a mom and dad?
"The guarantee of greater stability and the best possible family welcome is reserved for the child".

And can it not be said that same-sex couples give their children family care full of love?

«I don't dispute this at all, on the contrary I think that individually a homosexual father or mother can be a splendid mother or a splendid father. But the greatest interest for the child, her rights, must be assessed. Like the right to origin".

Where does the right to know come from?

“Children of homosexual couples are denied this right because they have only one biological parent. The other parent was purposely deleted. With the rented uterus, two parents are denied (the woman who sells the oocyte and the woman who rents the uterus). By now we have lost some terms because of all this. The word mom can no longer be said ».

But you can say parent.

"I'm fond of the word mom."

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