Pride in the square in Milan, Schlein: with this government, there is a danger of regression of rights

Pride in the square in Milan, Schlein: with this government, there is a danger of regression of rights

"We are in danger of regression on rights, not only in Italy with this government, but also in Europe": said the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein arriving at the Milan Pride Parade. The procession left around 4.30 pm from Piazza della Repubblica led by some mayors and municipal councilors of the metropolitan city of Milan and the banner: "Recognize Me, parity and rights".

Rainbow families in the lead

The procession was opened by the little train with same-parent families who from the Milanese event relaunch their battle for the recognition of their children, after the sentence of Friday 23 June by the Milan court. There are about thirty floats, from companies that support Pride but also from political parties such as the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement, +Europe, the Italian Left, and then there is the CGIL.

On the bandwagon of the Democratic Party there are flyers with the inscription "If by chance the government falls, I'll move a little further". And Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is portrayed in another float portrayed as one of the protagonists of the TV series The Handmaid's Tale, with the writing "Prejudice".

Pd secretary Elly Schlein at the "Pride Parade" in Milan (REUTERS/Claudia Greco)

Schlein: M5S? we will fight for rights with whoever he wants

The secretary replied to those who asked her about the political relationship with Giuseppe Conte's 5 Star Movement: «We are here to participate in Pride in Milan, today we are dealing with these battles and we will wage them with anyone, with the social political forces, with whoever wants to do it with us».

Schlein: There is a great need for an anti-hate law

"Alessandro Zan is here with me and we have not forgotten that horrible applause with which a law of civilization was scuppered, against hatred and discrimination, which is greatly needed," said the secretary of the Democratic Party. . «People who are discriminated against every day for their sexual orientation or gender identity cannot wait any longer-she continued she-she. Then we will continue to fight for egalitarian marriage, for the full recognition of the children of same-parent couples, also in the light of these decisions that are raining down on these families, on their ties, especially on these children". We will continue to fight for adoptions. Participation is even stronger, we will be there with our bodies to support them and carry on this battle », he concluded

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