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powers to the general manager - Corriere.it

Conad turns the page with the farewell of Francesco Pugliese, for almost twenty years at the top of the large-scale distribution group, of which he was managing director (since 2015) and general manager (since 2004).

The incipit of the meager statement (7 lines in all) with which the board of directors of the National Consortium for Retailers (Conad) communicates that the professional relationship with the Knight of Labor Dr. Francis Pugliese having come to an end, he reports that by now relations had deteriorated.

Pugliese was one of the creators, during his long tenure, of a path of growth and development of the brand, limits himself to acknowledging the group, recalling his passion, his foresight and his expertise, which have contributed to bringing Conad to the top of large-scale distribution, with a turnover of 18.45 in 2022, according to preliminary data. But after completing (with a trail of controversies and judicial tails) the acquisition of Auchan's activities in Italy in 2019, Pugliese's worldview collided with that of the varied cooperative universe of Conad, made up of over 2,000 small entrepreneur members throughout the national territory.

This is how the new board of directors followed the last shareholders' meeting, on 9 Mayhas decided not only to let Pugliese's term expire, but also to update the governance by eliminating his role.

From now on, the leadership of Conad will be entrusted to the new president Mauro Lusettiwho returns to the cooperative group after being the president of Coop, e to the general operating manager, Francesco Avanzini.

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