Paolo Berlusconi: "The family will always be close to Forza Italia" -

Paolo Berlusconi: "The family will always be close to Forza Italia" -

Of Giuseppe Alberto Falci

Speech a month after his death to reassure the blue galaxy: Silvio was convinced he was bringing the party back to double figures in the European Championships

«Our family will always be close to this wonderful adventure called Come on Italy». A little over a month after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, his brother Paolo speaks. It all happened last Thursday, on the occasion of a dinner organized by Gianluca ComazziCouncilor for the Environment and Head of Delegation in the Lombardy Region for the Azzurri.

The room is packed, there are over 500 guests. Present among others the government Attilio Fontanathe Senator Stephanie Craxithe undersecretary Roger Invernizzi. The message that the other Berlusconi delivers to those present and that Ansa released on Tuesday 18 July after viewing the video has the objective of reassure the blue galaxy.

If there were any doubts, Paul begs them: «The family is there and will be alongside Forza Italia». And it is when he sculpts these words that a long applause rises in the hall. «A month has already passed but obviously the great pain that each of us feels has not passed, the sense of emptiness that we all feel within us has not passed. Silvio has marked my life and your history, he has indelibly marked the history of our country. Without him, Italy would still be dominated by the left.".

More: Paul tells that until the end the Knight continued to work for the party. «He wanted to appoint 20 regional coordinators, then the provincial coordinators who in turn should have identified the city coordinators. And he said that among the friends of Forza Italia it is necessary to find those who have a vacant shop to use as the local headquarters of the party ».

Objective: next year's Europeans: «He was convinced he could bring Forza Italia back to double figures in the European Championships. I was also a little jealous because he didn't give himself to his family but he gave himself to the party». Now it is not known whether this intervention can predict the descent into the field of his brother Paolo. «The family is there, it is close to Forza Italia. There is nothing strange» assures the new secretary Antonio Tajani. Thesis shared by the entourage of the almost bride Marta Fascina: «We absolutely do not read it as one descent into the field. He received the invitation as an entrepreneur and brother of President Berlusconi ».

In short, no scene fault. But certainly positive news for the future of the Azzurri. "The more Berlusconi's family is interested in Forza Italia, the more good news it is," he says Alexander Cattaneonotoriously close to Licia Ronzulli.

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