Osimhen’s Nigeria decides the coach’s future with a survey among fans – Corriere.it

Osimhen's Nigeria decides the coach's future with a survey among fans - Corriere.it


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The president of the Nigerian federation Ibrahim Gusau announced a survey with phone calls from fans: “The public should choose”. What is the plan of this decision?

The president of the Nigerian Football Federation Ibrahim Gusau to unravel the tangle of the coach Jose Peseiro leading the national team will use a very singular system. Unpublished. He will do a poll among the fans. “We had planned to have Nigerians vote to listen to their opinions – admitted Gusau during a radio broadcast -. We believe it is right for the public to decide whether Peseiro should still be our coach or be replaced». And he added: «We tried foreign coaches and also local coaches. Maybe we haven’t been able to find the right person. We will push him to the public, if we have to continue with Peseiro or if he has to leave ». If the desire for change prevails, there will be another opinion poll: this time to choose the most popular, which is also the most economically and technically feasible, we will see it later. Therefore, it is not certain that he may still be at the helm of the African selection which at the 2024 African Cup wants to appear with ambition also in the light of important players in the squad, above all Victor Osimhen of Napoli who has the queue behind the goal for the interest of the top clubs in Europe. José Peseiro had the merit of qualifying for the next edition of the trophy to be held in the Ivory Coast but a series of mixed results, ups and downs in the team’s performance, made his future uncertain.

The question that will be asked to the fans so as to trigger the tam tam is this: “Would choosing a Nigerian coach be the best thing for Nigeria?”. According to some, there is an ulterior motive behind this very democratic form of great pluralism. To vote for or against the confirmation of Peseiro (whose contract expires on June 30) it will be necessary to do so over the phone. All calls arriving in the Federation will be invoiced and will go into a sort of piggy bank which will finance the NFF coffers that are bad. Peseiro himself, in fact, complains of late payments for his job (70,000 dollars a month) and, whether he stays or not, he must be liquidated. And here another aspect of the question peeks out: the lack of confirmation on the Nigeria bench would allow the federation to buy time (leaving the decision to the judgment of the people) and save while waiting to find the most appropriate solution for everyone.

June 28, 2023 (change June 28, 2023 | 07:06)


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