On justice Meloni takes it out on Nordio so that Tajani understands

On justice Meloni takes it out on Nordio so that Tajani understands

If those of Carlo Nordio "are opinions that do not become facts", as Giorgia Meloni says; those of Forza Italia on justice are stomach aches that do not seem to fall towards any crisis. If not in a continuous relationship of cause and effect ping pong style. And so on the day of the anniversary of the Via D'Amelio massacre, the premier shows up early in the morning in Palermo for four armored institutional visits: the cemetery, the police station, the church of San Domenico and the prefecture. In the middle a press point, despite the fact that they propose a press conference, asking the staff that the reporters wait for her in rooms equipped with air conditioning. You want to avoid the controversy of journalists during last Sunday's visit to Pompeii, but in the end when you allow yourself - for eight minutes - you erupt. Meloni says with Melonian enthusiasm that the reformulation of the crime of external mafia association was an idea of ​​her Minister of Justice, "which should be more political", but it is "a pretext and sterile controversy". You brand Marina Berlusconi's accusations to the Florence prosecutors as the words of a woman "who is not a political subject". On her absence from the evening torchlight procession, she claims that she never ran away and that she does not fear disputes. Meanwhile, a few things are happening in Rome.

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