Old banknotes become bricks and mortar: Bankitalia's green project

Old banknotes become bricks and mortar: Bankitalia's green project

MILAN – The second life of worn-out banknotes, withdrawn and shredded by the Bank of Italy could take place within the walls of our homes. This is what via Nazionale is trying to achieve, as described in its environmental report.

The specific weight of these tickets is not insignificant: last year, 638,000 kilos. As if 638 pandas lined up. Before the pandemic, it was sailing above 800,000 kilos. Today, these banknotes are sent to waste-to-energy. But they could soon end up in building materials.

Making school is a project by the Federico II University of Naples, which took a sample of these shredded tickets and used it for bricks and lime-based plasters. Obtaining good results: more resistant material both in comparison with samples without additives and in comparison with the addition of plastic waste and hemp.

All in all, Palazzo Koch says it has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2% in 2022. New fixtures and systems, together with the renunciation of a degree of comfort during the summer, are helping to cut the consumption of fuel for heating and electricity. Reduced purchases by 27%. paperthanks to digital technology, emissions due to emissions are on the rise home-work commutes (for the return from smart working) and those of business trips. To contain the latter, the various units of the Bank will not only have a financial budget but also a portfolio of greenhouse gases.

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