Nordio's ideas follow ours. And on autonomy, the majority is open to

Nordio's ideas follow ours.  And on autonomy, the majority is open to

Of Adriana Logroscino

The former minister appreciates the reform desired by the Keeper of the Seals: "The concerns of part of the minority seem prejudicial to me"

Mariastella Gelmini, the justice reform signed by Minister Nordio causes protests from the opposition. But not of his Action. «For us, Nordio has prepared an initial bill which on abuse of office and trafficking in influence follows our positions. The concerns of the minority seem prejudicial to me. On the second episode, then, the separation of the careers of the magistrates, we are waiting. But this too is a cornerstone of the Action programme. We should, of course, avoid clashes with the judiciary ».

Aren't you afraid that the cancellation of the abuse of office will weaken the fight against corruption?

«I think we should be more concerned about the data that sees thousands of files open for this crime and very few trials, with even fewer convictions. It is a problem and triggers two serious consequences: it undermines the credibility of administrators and officials, and slows down public works for fear of signing".

Still on the subject of the fight against corruption, you at Action rejected the European directive together with the centre-right. Wouldn't that have been helpful?

“Criminal matters are and must remain the prerogative of national parliaments. We are very strict against corruption, but that directive did not comply with the proportionality, subsidiarity and adequacy requirements of the European regulatory act on which the Commission itself expressed itself".

Pd, M5S and left are also on the barricades on differentiated autonomy which, it is the criticism, would widen the gap between North and South.

«In the Democratic Party, it seems to me that an ideological prejudice prevails. Yet if we talk about differentiated autonomy it is not because the League invented it, but because the center-left wrote the constitutional law that provides for it. And then, in these twenty years, he has filed bills on the same subject. And yet that autonomy and that fiscal federalism whose principles were fixed in the Constitution, have remained unapplied. The Calderoli bill has ample room for improvement. If properly brought back into a framework of national solidarity and proportionate gradualism, it could mend the country, not widen the gap.


«The gap exists and has grown with centralism. If we concretely link the definition and financing of the Lep, essential levels of performance, and autonomy in a context of closer involvement of the parliament, autonomy can be an opportunity to bridge the gaps".

Are you offering the majority the willingness to support the Calderoli law?

«I am telling the government majority to discuss the amendments we have presented in parliament: in short, define and finance the Lep, restore centrality to parliament, immediately clarify which of the 23 subjects of Title V will always and in any case remain under state competence, for example school and energy. The government takes them seriously, approves them. With the Pnrr being an instrument that holds both investments and reforms together, it is a historic moment. The right time to get out of the ideological conflicts also on regionalism and mend the country even between North and South. United, while respecting the different regional sensitivities".

Action is closing in on the centre-right?

"We're not moving anywhere. We are at the center of the line-up and want to overcome bi-populism. We preside over the reformist, pro-European and popular area in which many voters can identify with. And with this objective we oppose by entering into the merits of the proposals, without ideological prejudices. Perhaps this seems anomalous for this country".

But in many circumstances you are close to government positions.

«Sometimes it seems there are two Meloni governments. The sovereign one with a populist approach, such as on rave parties for example. And then there's the one that, denying the electoral campaign tone, follows positions we shared when Draghi was prime minister. We can't vote against our ideas because now Meloni is in Chigi ».

The motion of no confidence in Daniela Santanchè will be voted on next week. Again you will not be with the opposition.

"We will not participate in the vote. We do not sign or vote for individual no-confidence motions. This is not the way."

But Calenda had also said that Santanchè should have resigned.

“A harsh judgement. But we are firmly guaranteed. The choice is in the hands of Minister Santanchè and the Prime Minister».

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