no challenge with Bari in the playoffs. Since Calcioscommesse he no longer plays against

no challenge with Bari in the playoffs.  Since Calcioscommesse he no longer plays against

Of Salvatore Riggio

The footballer will miss the double challenge between his Sudtirol and the Apulian team, scheduled for Monday 29 May and Friday 2 June. He doesn't play against Bari after his involvement in Calcioscommesse

This time it's not his fault and not even the result of a decision by the company he belongs to. But in any case a tradition is confirmed: Andrea Masiello he will not play against Bari. The defender will miss the playoff semifinal, to reach Frosinone and Genoa in Serie A, between his Sudtirol and Bari, scheduled for Monday 29 May and Friday 2 June. Masiello was hurt in the match he won 1-0 against Reggina: he ended up knocked out in a defensive tackle with the attacker amaranth Canotto. After trying to stop him, the 1986 class remained on the ground in pain and it was necessary to intervene both from the club's medical staff and from the operators who, with a stretcher, transported Masiello off the field. Vinetot entered in his place: according to the first reconstructions, it would be a dislocation. The defender was transported away from Duso in an ambulance for the investigation of the case.

And on social networks the irony towards Masiello has flared up, who has already missed the two championship matches against Bari. In November the player was threatened by the red and white ultras: You must not return to Bari. And Sudtirol, in order to avoid any type of public order problem in advance, had taken the threats of the Bari supporters addressed to Masiello literally.

The reason goes back over eleven years. It was May 15, 2011, the Apulian derby between the hosts and Lecce was scheduled at the San Nicola di Bari. Bari had already relegated, Lecce had to win to keep hoping for salvation (later achieved). The Giallorossi will win, thanks to a goal by Jeda at the start of the second half and to Masiello: the defender scored a sensational, daring own goal in his own goal, which almost seemed voluntary. And in fact Masiello right to the center of the investigation relating to football betting. The sports justice inflicted a disqualification of two years, five months and 15 days on him. I did that own goal for money — confess Masiello in a note sent to the prosecutor in March 2012, despite having repeatedly denied any accusation -, I took advantage of an opportunity that arose in front of me to be able to definitively crystallize the outcome of defeat for Bari. A gesture never forgiven by the ultras of Bari. Then the defender returned to play wearing the Atalanta shirt until 2020, only to be sold to Genoa who kept him until last season.

The difference in category with theAtalanta first and then with Genoa he avoided matches with Bari in the league, while there were no encounters in the Italian Cup. With the arrival in Sudtirol, the problem obviously reappeared. So the player, after missing the first leg, also missed the second leg: 600 Bari fans were ready to challenge him. Also solved (due to bad luck) the problem of the playoff matches. Masiello will watch the two races from the grandstand or (more likely) on TV.

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