«No more drinks and snacks, now I take better care of my diet. So I dream of a return to Serie A»- Corriere.it

«No more drinks and snacks, now I take better care of my diet.  So I dream of a return to Serie A»- Corriere.it

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The attacker, today at Sion, is still thinking about the Italian championship: «It remains a fascinating goal». On the Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City: «My heart is divided in half. In a one-off match, it's better to arrive underdogs"

Mario Balotelli talks about his Champions League final: Inter-Manchester City, the challenge between two of his former teams. What's more: with the Nerazzurri he lifted the cup in Madrid which earned him the historic treble in 2010. «My heart is divided in half, it's better not to say anything else. My head tells me I'd like them both to win. But you can't." City favorite, according to all: «Experience tells me that in the final, in a single match, it's better to be underdogs. And in any case, Guardiola's team plays great football, but Inzaghi's is also very effective», says Balotelli, today at Sion, in Switzerland, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

On Haaland, sure star of the night in Istanbul: «Erling is extraordinary. Mino Raiola had had great intuition about him too. Assist men abound in City: Guardiola knows how to serve him and he is a formidable sniper». Not necessarily the strongest of all: «Best striker in the world? The numbers say Haaland, but for me it's a matter of taste. Osimhen, for example, is special. He can do everything on the pitch, a bit like me in my green years. And then he is a unique boy ».

But he, Mario, how is he? «I returned to training after a contracture. I don't know if I will be able to play in St. Gallen. I wish for immediate salvation, but in the event of a playout I will give everything. I'm here to end a season well, perhaps born with too many ambitions. He didn't help us." He wants to play a little more: «I feel good. The last injury doesn't count, I have at least 3 more important years in my legs », and he doesn't rule out a return to Italy (« Serie A remains a fascinating goal »). Also because it has changed: «I'm still 32 years old. Now I take better care of nutrition. Enough drinks and snacks. I had done it about ten years ago…».

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