never been so happy»-

never been so happy»-

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Four years after retirement Carlotta Ferlito, who denounced the coaches who caused her eating disorders since she was 8 years old, rejoices: Human imperfection, beauty

She had the courage to denounce, several times, the harassment suffered in the world of gymnastics that caused her eating disorders that began when I was 8 years old, but today, 20 years later, Carlotta Ferlito tells another background. She does it with an outburst on Instagram: I've been in amenorrhea for more than a year (for the uninitiated, amenorrhea is the absence of the menstrual cycle in women) [...] Well tonight my periods came back!! Thanks to the light-heartedness of the holiday, the psychological help and a few kg more, I came to my senses!! I've never been so happy to bleed (written just like that, ed), believe me.

The former gymnast from Cataniawho competed at OR
London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics
, on Monday morning, he chose social media to talk about this personal aspect of his personal life to invite all followers to take care of their health, and to let go of the belief that to live well you need to be successful in everything you do: human imperfection, beauty and above all life is so short that sanding your head for the extra kg or for not perfect grades or for love disappointments: it's not worth it. Thanks if you've read this far, sending you the best vibes.

World champion on beam in 2013, Ferlito too – together with the girls in rhythmic gymnastics – had spoken about the problem of too strict instructors: They called me a pig and told me I was fat. At 8 years old, I repeat 8 years old, they asked me to lose a kilo, she explained. To then make matters worse: No little girl should be slapped, humiliated if she asks to go to the bathroom, forced to do exercises where she risks her neck only as punishment, because this forces her to forget where the line is between right and wrong, between normality and illness, as instead happened to me, who, at a certain point, accepted almost everything.

Other gymnasts had reported variations in the menstrual cycle linked to sporting activity, such as Ilaria Barsacchi (rhythm), who explained that she had resumed a healthy regular rhythm only after retiring. The psychiatrist Romana Caruso warned about the risks: The idea that the lack of the menstrual cycle, for example, should be almost physiological in a high-level gymnast is beastly.

Now Ferlito, corporal of the Army, officially retired from last year but, in reality, stopped since 2019, is smiling again: Although at the moment a child is not in perspective, being told that if I wanted to, I could not conceive children in these conditions was always a blow to the heartAnd.

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