Mbappé, no to Arabia. Does he already have an agreement with Real Madrid?

Mbappé, no to Arabia.  Does he already have an agreement with Real Madrid?

Of Monica Colombo

PSG accepted Al-Hilal's offer of 300 million for the player, 400 million would go to him in two years, plus sponsorships. A one-billion deal

Who said that the Saudi league has all the air of following the Chinese Super League of the last decade? Are the richest Arab clubs on the planet, which are raking in star players and impoverishing the European championships, are they buying only stars on the boulevard as they did at the time? You wouldn't think its right when you consider that after Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzemahave in mind to indulge the last whim.

In other words, bringing the strongest footballer in the world to the shores of the Gulf, the man who in the past has already called into question a President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) to direct his destinies, the player who caused the breakdown of diplomatic ties between PSG and Real Madrid. Al Hilal has offered the French club the shocking figure of 300 million to grab the star who has entered a collision course with Al Khelaifi. Scary numbers that would dwarf the 222 spent six years ago by the French themselves to snatch Neymar from Barcelona.

Of course, Sheikh A's clubl Thani welcomed this proposal: he would collect a rain of millions, he would drive away the specter of a loss to zero for the player next year, he would represent the best dribble against Kylian's obstinacy in not wanting to renew his contract expiring in June 2024. To entice the star player who already has an agreement with Real Madrid to move next year, Al Hilal is planning to present a superhuman offer of 700 million including 200 million as a salary for just one season, commercial and sponsorship agreements, total management of image rights in the hands of the attacker.

A billion in total for a single season, decisive for the promotion of the Saudi League. Crazy figures that don't seem to move Mbappé, on which according to the French there are also the powers of the Premier League (Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham) and Barcelona (who have already denied): the player, excluded from the Asian tour and left with the redundancies of the squad to train at the Poissy center, does not seem the least bit upset. Indeed, he smiles and gives himself generously to the fans who ask him for selfies and autographs. No one will be able to force him to leave Paris despite the threat of staying out of the squad for the whole season, in the year he leads to the European Championship and the Olympics. The professional footballers' union rushes to Kylian's rescue. Philippe Piat, president of the Unfp, said: «The regulatory situation allows the club to do what it wants with its own staff, but by 1 September at the end of the transfer market, friction will have to return. Mbappé must be able to train normally and the club is forced to let him play because otherwise there would be a violation: in terms of labor law, it would be illegal." It is therefore no coincidence that the PSG has publicly announced that it has accepted Al Hilal's proposal, so as to be able to avoid a possible lawsuit for mobbing and demonstrate, if anything, that it has suffered economic damage.

According to rumors originating from the Paris office, Mbappé would already have an agreement with Real Madrid starting next season, with a 160 million signing bonus and total control of the image rights. That's why with the hopes of mending the fracture with Kylian equal to zero, PSG are looking for a striker. Eyes on Hojlund, ahead of Manchester United and Kane, also followed by Bayern Munich. Vlahovic is a luxury plan b for the Bavarians.

July 25, 2023 (change July 25, 2023 | 07:31)

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