Municipalities, here are the 7 key challenges in the ballot. First round in Sicily and Sardinia

Municipalities, here are the 7 key challenges in the ballot.  First round in Sicily and Sardinia

In each of the two towns there are three candidates for mayor. To You assemble - currently led by a commissioner - Psd'Az, the party of governor Christian Solinas, does not appear due to unresolved disagreements with the allies of the moment in the Region, and the rest is divided between support for Niside Muscas (Fratelli d'Italia, Lega and Forza Italia) and Mario Puddu, the first grillino to conquer the Municipality of Cagliari ten years ago, who now, having left the Movement, leads his own civic list also supported by Riformatori, Udc, Sardegna 20Venti, Fortza Paris and Italia Viva. The M5s, on the other hand, supports Diego Corrias with the Pd, Verdi, Possibile, the Italian Socialist Party.

TO Iglesias the split in the center-right is certified by the solitary candidacy of Luigi Biggio, 45, outgoing city councilor and former councilor for youth policies with the Perseu council, supported by the FdI symbol, while the rest of the parties support, but without any symbol, Giuseppe Pes , which in the four civics brings exponents of the M5s, which is therefore not allied with the Pd, Riformatori, Lega, Udc, Forza Italia. The center-left is betting everything on the outgoing mayor Mauro Usai, supported by seven lists, as well as the Democratic Party, Progressives, Idea Sardegna and other civic ones.

In Sicily 4 capitals to vote

In Sicily you vote in 128 municipalities, 4 of which are capitals: Catania, Ragusa, Trapani And Syracuse. The threshold to be exceeded in order to be elected in the first round is 40% of the votes cast. The center-right aims to en plein on the island: in Catania all the leaders, starting with the premier Giorgia Meloni, met on stage to reaffirm the unity of the coalition.

The centre-right is compact, except for a Trapani where there is no League list. Here Mimmo Turano, councilor in the Schifani government, despite having guaranteed loyalty to the coalition, failed to convince many of his "his" followers to side with Maurizio Miceli (FdI), supported by the rest of the centre-right.

Pd and M5s are allies only to Catania And Syracusewhile a Trapani And Ragusa face to face with each other.

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