Mes in the balance, Meloni studies the exit strategy: towards a postponement of the vote in the Chamber

Mes in the balance, Meloni studies the exit strategy: towards a postponement of the vote in the Chamber


On the ratification of the Mes, the majority tries to buy time: the goal is to postpone the discussion in Parliament in September, decant tensions and arrive at an act that is considered taken for granted without giving the impression of a sharp “U-turn” compared to the positions supported for some time by Fdi and Lega, forces that support the Government.

Goal referral

After a week of high tension following the letter from the MEF’s chief of staff, Stefano Varone, on the ratification of the Mes, we start again from the conference of group leaders of the Chamber on Wednesday afternoon, when the center-right will propose to postpone the landing in next month Hall, scheduled for June 30, underlining that the eve would coincide with Giorgia Meloni’s trip to Brussels, and there would be the risk of putting the premier’s work in difficulty. In July, however, the calendar will be flooded with decrees, while non-urgent matters are not discussed in August, so the summer could be bypassed by postponing one of the obstacles that has most created problems for the government, also tormented by the Santanchè case.

The numbers and scenarios of the classroom

What if instead the arrival in the courtroom for June 30 is confirmed? Would the bill on the ratification of the Mes be approved? On paper, the openly pro-European parties that support ratification cannot field large numbers: out of 400 deputies, the Democratic Party has 69, Action-Iv has 21, +Europe 3, linguistic minorities 4, for a total of 94 yes .

So far Fi and We Moderates have put aside their Europeanism and like the rest of the majority and the government did not appear in the Commission on Thursday: if their votes, 44 Fi and 10 Nm, were added to the yeses, the quota would be 148. Insufficient, given that the opposing parties, Fdi and Lega, count respectively on 118 and 65 votes (President Fontana does not vote), for a total of 183 No.

M5s, which has 52 deputies in the Chamber, and Avs which has 11 abstained in the Commission. If each party votes in the Chamber in keeping with what has been supported so far, the ratification, regardless of the choices of Fi and Nm, would be rejected.


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