Mes, clash on the postponement. Molinari: “It is unlikely that he will arrive in the Chamber on 30 June”. The Democratic Party: “The majority assumes its responsibilities”

Mes, clash on the postponement.  Molinari: "It is unlikely that he will arrive in the Chamber on 30 June".  The Democratic Party: "The majority assumes its responsibilities"


The controversy over the Mes shifts to the timing of the ratifications: the opposition wants to bring it to the Chamber as soon as possible, while the center-right – on its orders Giorgia Meloni – aims to postpone the discussion. Yesterday the prime minister already said that it would be “a mistake” to put the state-saving fund to a vote and today the leader of the Lega group echoes him in the Chamber, Richard Molinari. “I think it is very complex to arrive in the Chamber on June 30th,” he explained Radio24. “We need to hold the hearings, discuss the amendments, I think it will inevitably be postponed. I doubt that such a sensitive topic can stay in committee for a few days”. A question of method, therefore, but which in reality hides an ideological niet that the Carroccio, together with the Brothers of Italy, has never hidden.

“I don’t understand why we should put Italians in a cage to save the banks of those who live hundreds of kilometers from here”, says the secretary of the League Matthew Salvini. “I – he adds – prefer that the public debt remain in the hands of the Italians and not of foreign speculators who then make their business with the Italians’ money”. The pressure from Brussels (Italy is the only country that has not yet ratified the Mes) is becoming more and more insistent. And the opposition – Pd in ​​the lead – is trying to put the executive in difficulty, caught between the need to reiterate the no to the fund and the willingness to respect European commitments.

“We take the liberty of recalling that the process in the commission has not just begun but has just been defined with the approval of the basic text first signed by the democratic party”, said the deputy dem Peter DeLuca replying to Molinari’s words. “The bill is scheduled for June 30 in the assembly and it is the right of the oppositions to obtain its examination. It is time for the government and the majority to assume their responsibilities, instead of continuing to play the three-card game with arguments and instrumental actions that are not good for the credibility of our country”. The League’s counter-reply is ready: “The distracted one is De Luca”, replies the deputy Paul Formentini. “We point out that after the adoption of a basic text, the amendment phase begins, which has technical steps that must be completed in the commission before it gives the mandate to the rapporteur”.

Statements that herald next week’s climate, when Montecitorio the opposition will do everything to bring the text to the Chamber and, conversely, the majority will do everything to lengthen the process with the aim of postponing ratification in September, after the summer recess of the Chambers. It is certainly known that the examination of the text of the oppositions (first signed by De Luca) will continue this week in the Foreign Affairs commission of Montecitorio. Wednesday is the deadline for tabling amendments and voting will start on Thursday. After last week’s Aventine Hill, this time the centre-right will be forced to preside over the commission so as not to leave the field free for the opposition. For this reason, it is not obvious that the arrival in the Chamber scheduled for Tuesday 30 may be postponed to July, where the agenda full of decrees to be converted risks causing a further postponement of the discussion. In August, then, the summer break will start, after which we will move directly to September.


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