Meloni in Palermo to commemorate Borsellino. Mattarella: fighting gray areas of complicity

Meloni in Palermo to commemorate Borsellino.  Mattarella: fighting gray areas of complicity

On the anniversary of the mafia massacre in via D'Amelio, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni this morning attended the commemoration at the Lungaro barracks in Palermo. After a greeting with the police chief Vittorio Pisani, the prime minister had a meeting and conversation with Manfredi Borsellino, a policeman and son of judge Paolo, who died in the attack. So she laid a laurel wreath for those killed in the mafia massacres, stopping for a conversation with her family. Then the Prime Minister moved to the cemetery of Santa Maria di Gesù, to pay homage to the tomb of the Borsellino family

Meloni: his courage and integrity the gifts he left behind

«The massacre in Via D'Amelio, where Paolo Borsellino and five agents of his escort were killed by the mafia, was the reason why I started getting involved in politics. The date of 19 July 1992 represents a still open wound for those who believe in a just Italy. Paolo challenged the mafia system without ever fearing death, teaching us not to stand by and never look the other way. His courage and his integrity are gifts that he left us and that many young people have decided to collect to affirm two essential values: legality and justice. Today, 31 years after that terrible attack, we remember all those heroes who weren't afraid to expose the true face of organized crime to the world and who served the state to the last. In their example we carry forward our daily commitment to eradicate this evil from our nation: only in this way their sacrifice will never be in vain". So the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, on social media.

Borsellino, Meloni: the fight against the mafia is part of us

The anti-mafia commitment will never end, because "the fight against the mafia is part of us, it is a fundamental piece of our identity, it is the moral question that guides our daily action", Meloni declared instead in a letter to Corriere. And he defined "the attempt of some to exploit my impossibility - given by other concomitant commitments - to also participate in the traditional torchlight vigil of Palermo, in which I have always proudly taken part, is boring".

Mattarella: Repubblica bows in memory of Borsellino

«On the anniversary of the Via D'Amelio massacre, the Republic bows down to the memory of Paolo Borsellino, a magistrate of extraordinary value and courage, and of the agents of his escort - Emanuela Loi, Agostino Catalano, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina, Claudio Traina - who died with him in the service of democratic institutions» wrote the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella in a statement adding that «that barbaric massacre, carried out with inhuman ferocity, struck the entire Italian people and remains indelible in the civil conscience»

Mafia, Mattarella: fighting gray areas of complicity

«The name of Paolo Borsellino, like that of Giovanni Falcone, maintains an unalterable appeal and is linked to the investigative and procedural successes that exposed the mafia organization for the first time and even more is connected to the movement of dignity with which the national community reacted to free the country from the oppressive yoke of the mafias. They “had shown that the mafia could be defeated. Their example invites us to overcome indifference, to fight the gray areas of complicity with the same firmness with which illegality is opposed" added the head of state

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