«Meloni does not fight with "wide fields", but with a different idea of ​​the country»- Corriere.it

«Meloni does not fight with "wide fields", but with a different idea of ​​the country»- Corriere.it

Of Claudio Bozza

After the collapse in the municipal elections, the leader of the M5S replies to the secretary of the Democratic Party who had goaded him. Then Conte launches an independent demonstration for June 17 in Rome

"I am convinced that Giorgia Meloni does not fight with wide fields, but with a different idea of ​​the country". The leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte,
he replies dryly to the secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein, who complained after the triumph of the right in the municipal elections:
"Everyone must take charge of building an alternative, we can't just take care of it". A reference precisely to the wide field (never born) with the Movement.

Opposition by saying "it's not good" is certainly a first step – adds Conte during a press conference convened on the theme of "expensive mortgages" -, but if you want to offer hope you must also say how you would intervene. And after the beatings, Conte holds out an olive branch to the dem: "We are willing to dialogue with the Democratic Party, with Schlein, but we are willing to do so on issues, projects, measuring ourselves on concrete answers to the needs of local and national communities, without watering down or compromising our most significant battles".

The leader of the Five Stars is perhaps in a more difficult position than that of the Democratic Party. The hypothetical allies lost practically all the major cities, but garnering a fair number of votes; this did not occur for the Movement, which even in Sicily (so far a large pool of votes) have collected little or nothing.

Conte, in addition to the umpteenth collapse of consensus, must also pay great attention to preserving the identity of his party, key battles above all: "We need to build political projects, it is not enough to show up for the elections, participation together on stage for a few hours is not decisive, we need a presence every day in the neighborhoods". And then: "The result seems clear to me, in a context of low democratic participation, the restorative and reactionary wave of the right is also confirmed at a territorial level, which are good at uniting for electoral competitions and then resume their constant quarrels" .

The former premier then launches the demonstration in Rome on 17 June: «It will be a great opportunity to give voice and face to social unease, the real protagonists will be those who are unable to pay their mortgage, make ends meet, get a job stable". And to those who ask him if the Democratic Party will be present, he replies as follows: "All political, social, civic forces are welcome, we are the promoters but the protagonist is those who experience social and economic hardship".

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