Meloni and the Mes, words are a coincidence. The opposition: it confused the ratification with the yes to save states

Meloni and the Mes, words are a coincidence.  The opposition: it confused the ratification with the yes to save states

«Italy, as long as there is a government led by myself, will never be able to access the Mes. But I'm afraid the others won't join either." Giorgia Meloni's words in the courtroom cause discussion. Because the answer given by the premier to the deputy of Italia Viva Luigi Marattin, who asks for an account of the delays in the ratification does not seem to grasp the point, at least in the readings of the opposition: the intervention of the premier is not on a signature that has been expected for too long, above all at the tables in Brussels, but on the use of the Salva-Stati fund for the health emergency. Another movie. «To the question of the Third Pole with Marattin: "President Meloni, what are you waiting for to ratify the Mes?", The answer is embarrassing to say the least. Shamelessly, the Premier continues to talk about the health system, demonstrating that she has not understood anything, she stalls, she is probably waiting for Godot. Meanwhile, in Europe we continue to be the only country not to ratify it, a worrying isolation »writes the MEP of Italia Viva and Renew Europe Nicola Danti on Twitter.

Challenge in the Meloni-Schlein Chamber: "The minimum wage is not a solution". The reply of the Pd secretary: “Your promises have already been denied. Incapable, sloppy, insensitive"

Paolo Festuccia

On social media there are those who speak of incompetence and the Democratic Party attacks: «Still a serious mystification of reality on the Mes by Prime Minister Meloni. No one has ever asked to use the resources of this Fund. We are simply discussing the ratification of a reform of its founding treaty, which will profoundly improve this instrument and which our country has already signed up to in the EU. Italy is the only State that has not yet ratified this. Enough demagoguery. It depends on the credibility of our country. But above all it affects the stability of the European economy and the banking system, also in light of the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. The Government and the majority should schedule and immediately approve the law ratifying the reform of the Mes Treaty which we have already deposited for some time, with my first signature, in the Chamber".

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