Me betrayed as Jesus-

Me betrayed as Jesus-

Of Emanuele Buzzi

The M5S guarantor stings the magistrates and prepares the Roman leg of his show

A new provocation and a confrontation in sight. Beppe Grillo returns to center stage (politics). The guarantor of the Five Stars, on tour with his show "I am the worst", attacks from the stage: "I feel like Jesus. I have been betrayed like Jesus. But like him I am not angry, like Jesus I am not he was with Judas, he knew he would betray him and he said «so the next day I will rise again and win»”. The reference is to those who have left the Movement, even if the showman spares no barbs even against the center-right executive: «These in government will throw away our basic income and also the 110 percent superbonus, which we have done by us and thanks to which we have made many people work, we have had construction sites opened », «the agreement with Draghi is that it was to last four years» the superbonus, «this was the agreement I had made with Supermarius ».

All-out provocations, since in Florence, Grillo commented in his own way without speaking on the request for indictment against him for trafficking in influence by the Milanese magistrates. At the entrance to the show, in the foyer, he has placed a real tariff (tramway law in the center 2000 euros, street cleaning law 1000 euros. Manhole covers only 500). In Sanremo Grillo, on the other hand, took aim at the Festival: “Censorship serves to sharpen intelligence. If everything is worth now, it's over. It's not freedom." In the meantime, the guarantor is preparing the Roman stage of his show, scheduled for tomorrow. A meeting with the M5S leaders is likely.

March 19, 2023 (change March 19, 2023 | 10:31)

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