Mattarella turns 82: from Meloni to Schlein, best wishes from politics to the Head of State

Mattarella turns 82: from Meloni to Schlein, best wishes from politics to the Head of State

Today the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella turns 82. Born on 23 July 1941, this is the ninth birthday celebrated at the Quirinale for the Head of State. The first dates back to 2015, the year in which he was elected. "I would like to thank the fellow citizens who kindly sent me their birthday wishes today", declared the President via the Quirinale's Twitter profile. Many politicians wished to wish him well: from the premier Giorgia Melonito the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schleinup to the presidents of the House and the Senate.

The prime minister – communicates Palazzo Chigi – called Mattarella in the early afternoon, "to whom – reads a note – she sent her personal wishes and those of the government". Schlein, however, opted for a photo of Mattarella posted on his Instagram profile with the words "Happy birthday, president!". Ignatius LaRussa, president of Palazzo Madama, spoke of the Head of State as a figure “who represents an important point of reference for citizens and institutions. My esteem and gratitude to him", he declared. "On behalf of the Chamber of Deputies and myself, I would like to send my best wishes for a happy birthday to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, together with expressions of esteem and gratitude", declared the President of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana.

Calenda thanked Mattarella for the "sincere republican spirit, sense of institutions and of the Constitution", while Raffaella Paitasenator of Italia Viva, defined it as "a solid point of reference for our country". On behalf of the Alliance Verdi e Sinistra spoke Luana Zanellaleader of the red-green group in the Chamber: "Happy birthday to President Sergio Mattarella. Thanks above all for your tireless commitment as guarantor of our constitution. The country knows that the president will defend it from any pitfall of weakening or emptying its high values".

The wishes also come from the historic leader of the League Umberto Bossi: "Happy birthday president! always grateful for your work and the dedication with which you do it". The foreign minister Antonio Tajani spoke of "wise and precious guide for Italy" and the owner of the Defense Guido Crosetto he thanked Mattarella for "his commitment, his closeness and his rigor in defending and preserving the Constitution". he wrote on Twitter, also extending his best wishes on behalf of "all the Armed Forces". Per Robert CalderoliNorthern League minister for regional affairs, Mattarella represents "the point of reference, balance and guarantee for every Italian citizen, an institutional example for every administrator or politician who wants to commit himself for his country", while Gennaro SangiulianoMinister of Culture, defined the Head of State as "an authoritative and wise guide for institutions and citizens".

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