Lazio-Roma, Ibañez expelled and brawl on the benches: what happened

Lazio-Roma, Ibañez expelled and brawl on the benches: what happened

ROME - Two cards in half an hour. The Rome derby is not really the game of Roger Ibanez: the defender, protagonist of two errors that had cost as many goals for Lazio in recent years, struck again. Then, brawl on the benches: expelled two collaborators of Mourinho and Sarri.

Lazio-Roma, Ibañez expelled: that's why

His nightmarish match lasted just over half an hour. In fact, after 8 minutes the defender had already been booked for a foul on Felipe Anderson: a late entry cost the first card of the match. It is often said that being booked too early risks affecting a central defender's game. It seems the perfect case of the Brazilian from Roma. In fact, a few moments after the half hour, he combines another: Dybala change the game by calling him into question, despite being the penultimate man. Ibañez misses the stop, Milinkovic he takes advantage of it by stealing the ball from him. At that point, the Romanist clearly late, tries to intervene to stop a very dangerous counterattack, except to reconsider when it is too late: the clash with Milinkovic is inevitable. The Serbian ends up on the ground, thereferee Massa he has no alternatives: second yellow card, discounted expulsion. Despite the protests of the Roma players, above all Pilgrims.

Lazio-Rome, fight between the benches

Then, before the break, something else happened. Two more expulsions, but this time not among the players. In fact, it happens that while Pedro the Roma goalkeeper coach leaves the pitch a couple of minutes before the 45th minute, Nuno Santos, approaches him, saying something to him. Repeatedly. The Lazio player turns as if to answer, then changes his mind. However, the Lazio bench explodes, which snaps towards the rival one. The two groups come into contact, they have to work hard to separate the two most nervous, namely the Romanist Santos e Marco Ianni, collaborator of Sarri. When the situation gets back in the lurch, the referee Massa shows two red cards: right to Santos and Ianni. The derby of nervousness can continue peacefully.

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