Catania returns to Serie C, partying after the 4-1 at Canicattì-

Catania returns to Serie C, partying after the 4-1 at Canicattì-

Of Salvatore Fallica

From club failure to resurgence and promotion 5 games early - all in just one year. The Rossoazzurri fans who live all over the world celebrate. The wait is over for Catanzaro too, in Serie B after 17 years

From hell of failure to heaven of rebirth with a new football club. All in just one year. Catania of records mathematically in Serie C, and returned with six days to spare. With the 4-1 victory in Caltanissetta against Canicatt, the team totaled 24 victories and conquered the first of the goals that the company of the Sicilian-Australian multi-billionaire Ross Pelligra programmatically set itself as objectives. Every Serie D record has been broken. The wait is also over for Catanzaro promoted to Serie B after 17 years with five games to spare. Vivarini's team beat Gelbison 2-0 with goals from Iemmello and Brignola. Big party at the Arechi in Salerno with 10,000 Calabrian fans who didn't miss the appointment with history.

The phenomenon

The football phenomenon of Catania has produced and is producing a trend that places it at the top of a special ranking of the best teams in the 5 most important leagues in Europe. Making due proportions, Catania in terms of results competes with Napoli led by Spalletti. A team coached by coach Giovanni Ferraro that wins and convinces, is never satisfied with a draw — even when, like against Canicatt, only one point was enough for mathematical promotion to Serie C—. Catania continued to grind the game, in a tough and fought match, prevailing 4-1, with goals from Sarao, Palermo, Jefferson and Vitale. Once again decisive with his assists and his touches of class was the playmaker Ciccio Lodi (the footballer with a long and important career who learned to take free kicks from Diego Armando Maradona). And it was Lodi himself who set the pace on a technical level and acted as team leader on the pitch. Mister Ferraro has built a winning group, solid in all departments, which plays good football, concrete and spectacular. In many matches, the Rossazzurri played most of the time in the opponents' half, remembering in terms of domination Arrigo Sacchi's AC Milan

The Sicilian-Australian property

On a tactical-technical level, Ferraro's Catania, not having the players of that stellar Milan, was able to humbly change the scheme in several games, waiting for the opponents and even hitting them on the counterattack. Catania showed themselves capable of building choral actions, with spectacular triangulations and winning plays, but also of implementing rapid restarts, scoring in difficult and suffering moments. A combative and tenacious team. Surely the roster put together by the new company founded and led by Ross Pelligra was on the top cardbut without the amalgam and harmony created by managers and coach, without a winning tactical strategy and the tenacious commitment of the players these record results would not have been achieved.

The Etna festival in the world

Not only the city of Catania and a large part of eastern Sicily are celebrating, but many Sicilian-Ionians who for work reasons find themselves residing in other cities of Italy, Europe and the world. Rossazzurri fans celebrate from South America to Australia, from the States to Africa, from Europe to the Far East. Catania, as well as Palermo, due to over 140 years of migratory flows, has many fans abroad. It is no coincidence that the City Group has bet on Palermo who will be playing in Serie B this year. Ross Pelligra's project (who leads an entrepreneurial group worth 4 billion euros) is to bring Catania back to the highest levels. The team from the Etna city has been missing from Serie A for 17 years. Pelligra has already explained that a 50,000-seat stadium is needed. An expansion of the Massimino, located in the heart of the city (Cibali district) is already planned. A symbol of the history of Italian football and social customs. In fact, it should be remembered that among the records repeatedly broken by Catania, there is that of spectators at home, a greater number than that of many other B and A teams.

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