Juventus flies to the Stock Exchange after the plea deal with Federcalcio-Corriere.it

Juventus flies to the Stock Exchange after the plea deal with Federcalcio-Corriere.it

The financial markets welcome the announcement of the plea agreement between Juventus and the Federal Prosecutor's Office, with a fine of 718,000 euros. The title of the football club runs in Borsa, where it gains 5.98% to 0.3086 euros after having also reached 7%. The agreement could already lead today to the closure of the second line of inquiry into the Juventus club relating to the so-called "salary maneuver", after the 10-point penalty for the capital gains case.

Fines and penalties

According to the reconstructions of the matter, if the Court's green light were to arrive, the conclusion of a negotiation would represent the official end of all the legal proceedings for the club, which will therefore be able to return to dedicating itself exclusively to relaunching sporting activity. The agreement provides that Juventus waive the appeal with respect to the capital gains case, paying a pecuniary penalty and a further minimum penalty of 2 or 3 points (but the option that they are not further reduced is not excluded). On the other hand, however, the story of salaries will be closed. A fine will also be paid to each manager, including former chairman Andrea Agnelli. The next verdict will have to be pronounced by UEFA, but the confirmation of Juventus' presence in the cups could convince the organization to establish possible disqualifications in European competitions. In fact, despite the 10-point penalty, the team won the place in the Conference League and it is possible that with the last day of the championship they will be able to qualify for the Europa League.

The "salary maneuver"

In detail, Juventus confirms that it has defined with the sports justice bodies the procedure relating to the so-called "salary maneuver" for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons, relations with some sports agents and some alleged "partnership relations" with other clubs against the imposition of a pecuniary sanction, together with the waiver of the presentation of an appeal before the Coni Sports Guarantee Board (against the penalty in the Serie A standings for the case of capital gains). The FIGC's National Federal Tribunal thus ordered the imposition of the pecuniary sanction against Juve following the proposal of "application of sanctions upon request after the referral" presented by the club, which precisely contemplates the assumption of the company's commitment to waive the presentation of legal proceedings before Coni for the capital gains proceeding .

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