Justice reform, technical green light from Mattarella, but Colle's doubts have not disappeared - Corriere.it

Justice reform, technical green light from Mattarella, but Colle's doubts have not disappeared - Corriere.it

Of Marzio Breda

The request to avoid clashes with Brussels. The President's perplexity regarding a couple of articles written by the Keeper of the Seals

An obvious yeswhich, however, legitimizes nothing. A green light without obstacles, but perhaps with a few sighs, al journey in Parliament for the mini-reform of Justice proposed by Carlo Nordio. He couldn't do anything else Sergio Mattarellawhich authorize the presentation to the Chambers of that disputed (not only by the togas) bill which provides for changes to the penal code, the code of penal procedure, the judicial system and the code of the military system. There ten days that the president took to study the text of this first

has by no means cleared his doubts about some critical nodes.

Perplexities addressed in particular to a couple of articles written by the Minister Keeper of the Seals. The one that provides for the cancellation of the abuse of office and the one that drastically reduces the scope of the influence traffic. Two hypotheses of crime whose abrogation appears with all evidence not coherent (let's say better: incompatible) with le anti-corruption choices that the European Union on the contrary, it wants to strengthen. Which would end up exposing us to new tensions and contrasts with our partners.

The head of state spoke about all this face to face with Giorgia Meloni last week, when he returned from his mission in South America. He had made it the commitment of the premier to open a reflection within the executive, for modify — even profoundly — those two chapters of the reform. So as not to open other disputes with Brussels, as well as with ours judiciarythat already on a war footing.

With this assurance, Mattarella signed yesterday a bill in front of which, contrary to the decree laws that he could immediately reject, his hands were tied.

Except that something that seems to have happened in the same hours blow up the agreement between the Quirinale and Palazzo Chigi. In the parliamentary committee on EU policies, the majority of government rejected the European directive on the fight against corruption, which reiterates that abuse of office cannot be abolished. A step that also intersects with the UN convention of Merida in 2003, approved by more than one hundred countries and always on corruption, with which one should comply.

A suspicious mismatchabove all, because it contradicts the recommendations of the President of the Republic and the promise made before him by Giorgia Meloni. As if Mattarella had spoken to the walland in this case they will have to deal with the Constitutional Court.

Only the comparison of the Assemblies will clarify to what point the center-right will want to pull the rope, perhaps inciting Minister Nordio. With which, incidentally, on the Colle it is not excluded that the head of state has had in the last days of direct contacts.

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