Jet HR, the startup supported by Italian tech companies takes off: "This way we will simplify personnel management"

Jet HR, the startup supported by Italian tech companies takes off: "This way we will simplify personnel management"

Knowledge and common problems, so Jet HR collects the biggest Italian seed round ever

It has raised a seed investment round of almost 5 million euros (4.7), even before launching the product on the market. A Jet HR per day is already an emblematic case in the Italian startup scene, which is very unlikely to exceed one million euros in the initial rounds.

The company, which aims to offer SMEs and startups a smart tool for personnel management, also collects another record: among investors, in addition to the lead investor in the operation Exor Ventures and theItalian Founders Fundthere are entrepreneurs and "names" from the tech sector including Dario Brignone and Albert Dalmasso (co-founder of Satispay), Max Ciociola (founder of Musixmatch), Luke Ferrari (founder of Bending Spoons), Luca Foresti (CEO of Santagostino), Diego Piacentini (former Extraordinary Commissioner for the implementation of the Digital Agenda for the Italian Government and founder of View Different), Matthew Pichi (founder of Poke House), George Tinacci (founder of Casavo). To what does it owe these results? We asked for it Marco Ogliengoco-founder together with Francis Scalambrino.

“I think a fundamental role was played by the fact that I had already founded a successful company (ProntoPro, ed). Entrepreneurs respect each other and help each other. I knew many of the colleagues who invested and with others it was word of mouth. Investors, on the other hand, rely heavily on the founders' curriculum vitae – explains Marco Ogliengo -. Second fundamental point: all the subjects who have invested in Jet HR have experienced the age-old problem that we want to solve”.

What is it about?

“We help the company manage, hire and pay employees. Which entrepreneur hasn't asked himself: “How much goes to the employee and how much to the state? In Italy it is a very complex calculation because there are a thousand exceptions in every sector, the laws are constantly changing, the collective agreements (ccnl) are very complex. Suffice it to say that our legislation has a collective agreement for trotting horse breeders and one for galloping horse breeders or that in many national labor agreements the hourly or daily wages change based on the weather. Large companies with over 1,000 employees have departments to handle all of this. In small and medium-sized enterprises, it is often the entrepreneur himself who does this. As an entrepreneur myself I have experienced the typical frustration of those who do business in Italy: hours and hours dedicated to bureaucracy, administrative tasks and deciphering obscure requirements. In a SME it is difficult to delegate delicate matters such as personnel and salaries: the time dedicated to bureaucracy is therefore often that of the managing director, the person whose time is the most precious”.

What specifically does your solution solve?

“Jet HR was created to eliminate bureaucratic complexity by defining a model and related technological platform for personnel management. We want to eliminate the barriers between administration (creating slips, collecting attendance) and IT (purchase/rental of computers and their assignment…), those that impose different management for employees and other company collaborators and, last but not least, the barriers to understanding. Jet HR allows you to manage all administrative activities - pay salaries, hire employees and contract people with VAT numbers - allowing entrepreneurs and managers to have a clear picture of their resources and costs. It solves, simplifies and automates the bureaucracy of SMEs, but also of startups and companies that have already been on the market for some time, which have from one to hundreds of collaborators, and which - with a "smart" approach - never stop looking at all possible opportunities to create efficiency and better manage its growth”.

What will you use the investment raised for?

“To enter the Italian market with our modular product, make ourselves known and grow. Slowly".


“Now there are 13 of us in the company. Thanks to this round I was able to immediately focus on experience resources and I would prefer to continue like this: better "few but good"".

Do you want to expand abroad immediately?

“No, for now we have the first four customers here and lots of requests. Jet HR can be scaled up abroad but not with a "copy and paste" because each legislation has very different specifications and contracts".

In 2015 with his wife Silvia Wang he already founded and brought to success ProntoPro, a portal that connects professionals from various sectors and users. How did that experience end?

“In 2022 ProntoPro merged with its Turkish counterpart Armut. It was necessary to decide who would lead the operation and Armut was chosen. Silvia and I already had many ideas, since 2016 I had in my note business the idea of ​​an application that would change the world of payrolls, so we left".

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