«It will be difficult to overturn the balance in the EU Parliament. In Europe the right does not pass»- Corriere.it

«It will be difficult to overturn the balance in the EU Parliament.  In Europe the right does not pass»- Corriere.it

Of Maria Theresa Meli

The Pd MEP: "The outcome of the vote demonstrates that there is a centre-left capable of governing, making reforms and bringing home the results"

Irene Tinagli, what does this Spanish vote tell us?

«He tells us that in reality there is a centre-left that is capable of governing, carrying out reforms, bringing home the results and also withstanding the impact of the electoral test. The electorate also rewarded the work that the Sanchez government has done in Europe. With this executive, Spain has been able to find an important role in the EU, something that the ultra-right would never be able to do".

What do you think of the results of the Spanish centre-right?

«The popular ones did well above all because they managed to recover the votes that had gone to Vox. It is one thing to vote for them in the administrative elections, but when it comes to national and international politics, a party like Vox, hypernationalist, anti-European and regressive in terms of civil conquests, scares a lot of the moderate electorate, who also had the fear that a Vox-driven government would end up relegating Spain to bringing up the rear of Europe».

Do you fear a Popolari-right axis in Europe?

«I have always thought that, however much there might be a shift to the right of some national governments, it would have been difficult to overturn the balance in the European Parliament. This vote confirms my impression: in the end, European citizens, when deciding on European policies, which are the ones that count by now, are careful to give the keys to Europe's house to those who want to destroy Europe".

What lesson for the centre-left from this vote?

«In Italy we only talk about Sanchez, who is certainly very good, but two important women played a central role in this campaign, of whom we hardly talked about. On the one hand Yolanda Diaz, who with her Sumar platform has effectively compacted and covered the left wing, and on the other Nadia Calviño, a very good Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister, a competent, concrete woman, much loved by the economic world, who has worked well in recent years and carried out excellent economic policies. You have managed to contain inflation and to grow the GDP with great attention to social issues and workers. A winning combination."

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