Inter-Manchester City tickets: here's how to buy them -

Inter-Manchester City tickets: here's how to buy them -

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Only 20,000 of the available coupons are in the hands of the Nerazzurri: they will be sold to season-ticket holders and Inter Club members who request them. If demand exceeds supply, precise criteria will be enforced

There are still 19 long, very long days left for the Champions League final between Inter and Manchester City, in Istanbul on 10 June. And they're all looking for tickets to watch the big match between the Nerazzurri and Citizens at the Atatrk Olympic stadium. As usual, an undertaking that however does not promise to be simple. First of all, the stadium can accommodate 72,000 people. Of these places, UEFA had already started the sale of 47 thousand tickets before the two semifinals. The timings? There was time until April 28 to book the ticket, which will be assigned not according to the order of request, but with a drawing.

For the purchase of the rest, it is important to know that they can only be purchased directly from the UEFA website, where fans will have to enter a unique access code that allows the purchase. This code will be sent by the club via email and may be requested by season-ticket holders and Inter Club members, reads the Inter website. What are the modalities? From 5pm today, Monday 22 May, until 8am on Wednesday 24 May, around 37,000 private season ticket holders for the 22-23 season will be able to access the website and connect to the page dedicated to requesting tickets for the Champions League final. they will have to use the SiamoNoi card number on which the pass has been loaded; the approximately 50 thousand Inter Club members, registered in the last three consecutive seasons (from 20-21 to 22-23), who will have to use the Inter Club card number from the 22-23 season. When entering the request, it is possible to express interest in the ticket only or in a solution that also includes the charter flight and transfers to the stadium-airport, available in limited quantities. Furthermore, there is no advantage in requesting an access code before the deadline: you have until 8 am on Wednesday 24 May 2023.

it is presumable that the requests, albeit "limited" to the groups of fans described above, are greater than the availability of tickets - we read -. In this case, among the solutions that the club will try to adopt, season-ticket holders or Inter Club members for several seasons will also be taken into consideration, always with a view to rewarding loyalty. For example, an eight-season subscriber will be reasonably privileged over a two-season subscriber. The mere possibility of requesting an access code therefore does not guarantee that you will then be able to purchase a ticket, nor does it commit the club to having one purchased. And again: Purchase tickets outside the only authorized channel, i.e. unofficial websites, online resellers, unauthorized agencies, etc. constitutes a high risk of not being able to access the game and losing the amount paid. The club advises all its fans not to buy rashly and to follow the official indications of the company itself.

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