offers a 5-year contract, but De Laurentiis wants compensation -

offers a 5-year contract, but De Laurentiis wants compensation -

Of Guendalina Galdi,

The president of Napoli, strengthened by the existing contract, demands economic waivers from his director

On one side Cristiano Giuntoli, on the other Juventus. In the middle is Aurelio De Laurentiis. A market triangle on the Naples-Turin axis with the sporting director as the protagonist and his future after the blue championship. Giuntoli under contract with Napoli (expires 2024) but also has a pre-agreement with the Juventus club for a five-year term. At the moment the green light is still missing De Laurentiis, which - on the strength of the existing contract - demands financial waivers from its director. As an indemnity.

A situation, on the Naples side, which Juventus watches as a spectator while awaiting the next moves on the negotiating table between the Azzurri president and Giuntoli himself who will be able to unlock his arrival in the Juventus management. Juventus hopes that good news can arrive from Naples in this sense, but inevitably thoughts are also on the sentence on the capital gains case, between the expectation of new possible penalties, disciplinary consequences and participation or not in a European competition next season. This is the other element that formally holds the go-ahead for the new technical management project on standby, taking into account the costs of this maneuver and the sustainability which in any case must be guaranteed by the club. Therefore, without prejudice to the pre-agreement for a five-year contract, Juventus are called to further reflections given the off-field issues awaiting definition. in fact, the hearing in the Court of Appeal on capital gains is underway. It is decided on the entity of the penalty. HERE the live

For the moment, however, one thing is certain: no other calls to other directors have come from Turin. And if it were to take too long to get the green light from De Laurentiis for the arrival of Giuntoli, Juventus would not go looking for another sporting director but would opt for an internal solution that would lead to the name and profile of Giovanni Manna (who grew up in the club as director of the Juventus Under 23 team) thus preferring an option based on continuity rather than on a further search for alternatives. Among these reflections and expectations, however, there is no veto on Giuntoli by Massimiliano Allegri; The relationship between the owners and the coach remains strong - who has always wanted to protect the work of the youth sector, thus giving him the thought in this regard - but on the question of the ds the last word will be from the club.

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