increase from 260 euros -

increase from 260 euros -

Barilla and the food sector unions have reached an agreement for the renewal of the supplementary contract with an increase in the bonus for objectives of 260 euros per month when fully operational. The agreement also provides for the establishment of the solidarity hours fund for workers who find themselves in situations of particular and specific personal or family needs, to which the company will contribute with an additional contribution of at least 24 hours for each individual case. They are also planned additional 16 hours per year paid for childcare placement and pediatric visits, and assistance for over 75-year-old parents.

With corporate welfare, the premium increases by 10%

From an economic point of view, we read in the unitary press release from the unions, an increase in the bonus for objectives was achieved with an overall increase of 260 euros, and the possibility of converting a part of the bonus into welfare is envisaged with an increase to be paid by the company on the converted portion by 10%. Overall, the prize up for grabs over the three-year period will amount to 8,790 euros. What has been signed - conclude the national secretariats of Fai Cisl, Flai Cgil and Uila Uil - is the result of important and consolidated industrial relations, and will be submitted to the final evaluation of the workers in the assemblies.

Barilla: Construction model

Giorgio Grandi, director of Human Resources and operations and industrial relations for Italy of the Parmesan food giant also expressed his opinion on the agreement reached: We are satisfied with the signing of the Barilla supplementary contract - he observes - expression of a structured and based industrial relations system on a consolidated, open and constructive comparison model.

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