“Inclusivity and asterisks cannot eliminate women”, Paola Concia tells us

“Inclusivity and asterisks cannot eliminate women”, Paola Concia tells us

"I am a woman, even before being a lesbian, and I have no intention of being canceled by an asterisk. Is that clear?". Anna Paola Concia – former parliamentarian of the Democratic Party, now coordinator of Didacta Italia, always a militant for homosexual and transsexual rights – is hurt and angry. “That's enough,” she says. “I've been quiet enough. This history of language has gotten out of hand. It is unacceptable that women are canceled in the name of inclusion. Because this is what it is about: the removal of women, the annihilation of female difference, transformed into a problem, into an obstacle to be swept away”. In an impetus, on Tuesday, Concia commented on Twitter on the manifesto of the Italian Radicals which invites people to sign in favor of a law for free abortion, defined as "a "law for all*", writing: “All who? Asterisk? But which asterisk? But stop it, please, you are doing incalculable damage to the right to voluntary abortion of #women ". A furious controversy arose. All within the Lgbtq+ movement. However, that does not arise from the annoyance of one day. But it is the result of a long meditation.

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