in the video prosthetic legs -

in the video prosthetic legs -

Of Andrea Serene

The former Russian ice skater has begun a recovery process after pneumonia that forced him to amputate his lower limbs and hands

"It's not easy, but let's move on." A few words, spoken while she pedals on a stationary bike. Loud music in the background, white undershirt, red hat, well-groomed beard. Roman Kostomarov tries to restart. In the video shared on social networks, the former ice dancer, 46, it also includes the lower limb prostheses, amputated a few months ago, never the hands. The Russian, gold in Turin 2006, has begun a recovery process after pneumonia which forced him to amputate his legs and some fingers due to circulation problems.

A nightmare that started last January. Kostomarov trains in cold temperatures for an ice show. He's not well, but he underestimates it. He ends up hospitalized in intensive care following pneumonia, then goes into an induced coma. The doctors, due to circulation problems, amputate both his feet. Then, to prevent the situation from developing into septicemia, they also amputate some fingers. When he wakes up, Roman is so shocked by his situation that he has violent reactions towards his wife.

Then, slowly, the recovery. "Wait for me, I'm getting better," she said a few weeks ago from the hospital bed. "The hardest part starts now, but this is life", his words recently to the Russian media. Now the training video, published on June 26 on their social networks. Kostomarov looks at the prostheses, says «let's go on». He started fighting again.

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