Fernando Alonso sells his Ferrari Enzo for 5.4 million - Corriere.it

Fernando Alonso sells his Ferrari Enzo for 5.4 million - Corriere.it

The splendid Rossocorsa colored car was the first to be built of the 399 of which the limited edition consisted

Ok the right price. Fernando Alonso managed to sell his wonderful Ferrari Enzo for 5.4 million euros. Only 100,000 less than the valued Monaco Car Auctions which held the auction of the splendid car in the famous Rossocorsa color (year 2011 but only 4800 km travelled) which however can boast of chassis n.1 being the first example produced in the series limited. After all, the Enzo is considered a model that fits into the gotha ​​of the most recent productions (with the F40, F50 and LaFerrari) and it is not at all easy to find one for sale. If it happens because one of the privileged people who could boast of an option (like Alonso at the time a Ferrari driver) has decided to sell it.

Alonso himself wanted to surprise the auction participants by recording a video message in which he explained his experience with the spectacular Italian hypercar: It means a lot to me. I had a lot of fun with the car, a magical work of art, he said, before encouraging them to take care of the car and enjoy it. From Ferrari Enzo there were only 399 specimens (today in original condition less because some would have been destroyed, others rebuilt). The most famous Ferrari Enzo is certainly the one that belonged for a short time to His Holiness John Paul II, a gift from the Ferrari team. It was sold at the time and the proceeds were given to charity (it was auctioned for 3.5 million euros). In this case with the approval of Ferrari, which does not welcome the fact that models belonging to a special limited edition series become the object of an auction, to avoid speculation. An unwritten rule violated by Fernando Alonso not so much for money, but for too much love: he no longer had the time to use it and preferred to give it to someone who could still keep it running.

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