in the lead Austria, Iceland (and... Kazakhstan) -

in the lead Austria, Iceland (and... Kazakhstan) -

The journey towards gender equality is still long, but there are countries where some progress has been made. With women who have broken the much-discussed glass ceiling. According to research by William Russell insurance, part of Allianz, there are in fact in countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, where women are bridging the gap quickly.

If countries such as Austria, the United Kingdom and Argentina are on the podium for the number of women in leadership positions, Kazakhstan has the highest percentage of companies with a female majority, equal to 23.80% ahead of Poles and Latvians. Iceland also stands out, which in 2022 boasts the highest percentage of women among the members of the boards of directors of listed companies, equal to 47.10%. According to Statistics Iceland data, in 2021, the proportion of women on boards of four or more members, within companies with 50 or more employees, was 41.5% for public limited companies and 38.3% for limited liability companies.

Finland, on the other hand, is at the forefront on the political front. The country has appointed or elected the largest number of female heads of state and government in the world, having had three female prime ministers and one female president. Just think of the figure of Sanna among the youngest premiers at the helm of a country.

It's Italy? According to William Russell, our country is in third place for representation on the boards of listed companies, a figure impacted by the 2011 Golfo-Mosca Law which introduced the obligation of women's quotas on boards. If you look at the data from the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2022, you can see how our country is behind on the political front and on participation in the labor market.

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