«In the family it was forbidden to gain weight, it was better to become addicted to heroin»- Corriere.it

«In the family it was forbidden to gain weight, it was better to become addicted to heroin»- Corriere.it

Of Maria Volpe

The actress confides that she suffered from the cumbersome relationship with her father. You have had a difficult career with many nos. Now for happy to have made her film about her her life

It's not easy to have famous parents, and it was hard for Vera to have a bulky and handsome father like Giuliano Gemma. Vera grew up in a family where, from an early age, aesthetics were an absolute value, above all else. For my parents it was a real obsession, it was forbidden to gain weight, better then become addicted to heroin said the actress in presenting Trueformerly at the Venice Film Festival in the Orizzonti section (where she won for direction and best actress) and now in Italian cinemas from 23 March with Wanted.

Directed by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, the film features Vera as the protagonist
Gemma as herself, a not too happy, good woman who lives between auditions that ended badly, men who exploit her, luxury shopping and friendships full of affinities, like the one with Asia Argento. Western hat on, Vera seems to have as her only mission the search for her identity. When her chauffeur runs over an eight-year-old boy and injures him in a suburban area of ​​Rome, the guilt-ridden woman begins an intense relationship with him and her father. But she soon realizes that, despite all her good will, there is always someone ready to take advantage of her generosity.

Speaking of the film, when asked: are the failed auditions for the film true, he replied: Yes, of course. It is true that they have never taken me. There was always a 'but' in my tryouts, something was wrong. The film was certainly a turning point in her life: for the first time I got completely naked, without any shame and not being afraid to show that I'm wearing extensions and that I've done it again.

And again: I have not stopped dreaming because I am a fighter. I discovered that there are other ways to be an artist. I was a stripper in Los Angeles and a lion and tiger tamer. All in all, I didn't miss anything. I then went to'Island of the famous to show courage: I was hungry like everyone else, but I never complained. I knew that hunger would end soon and then I was working, they were paying me. Why then complain like everyone did?.

Vera Gemma confides that now I feel less ugly, I accept myself more and I also realize that men like me. All my life I've had the guilt instead of not being as beautiful as my father, but not everyone can live up to an ideal role model.

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