“I don’t like myself, I fight against ugliness. Depressed? Never. But I wanted to die»- Corriere.it

“I don't like myself, I fight against ugliness.  Depressed?  Never.  But I wanted to die»- Corriere.it


Of Valerio Cappelli

The great French actress awaited at the Bif&est in Bari talks about herself across the board: «To want to hide time seems cowardly to me. Mastroianni faced her life with her feigned levity, Gassman called me a pain in the ass »

Finally Fanny and her free thoughts that refer to a time when it was possible to say everything. At the Bif&st in Bari Fanny Ardant, on the 29th, brings two films, the Franco-Belgian Couleurs de l’incendie by Clovis Cornillac, and the first work by Marescotti Ruspoli, Amuse (in theaters in April for 102 Distribution), where she plays the mother of a girl suffering from a brain disease, a hearing disorder caused by music, who falls in love with a boy who instead fights loneliness with music.

What struck you about this story?

«The way of talking about normal things, like falling in love, in a poetic and mysterious way, never banal. All the stories have been told, from Homer onwards, but this young director has an unexpected way of narrating the meeting between two young people, Carlotta Gamba and Giampiero Concilio».

Fanny, did you know about this disease?
“No. Were you recognized about twenty years ago? I really thought that Marescotti had invented it. It did not exist in Greek times. Perhaps it exists now because we live in a world where there is too much noise. I started playing Bach on the piano again. As a child I used to listen to my grandparents play with a friend in a trio, if you start early it’s easier to get into classical music. But to love it, you don’t have to be an expert.

Have you ever suffered from depression, like your character in the film?
“No. I was desperate and wished to die. But depressed, never. I’m too vital. Being in great pain does not mean being depressed. You become one when you no longer have taste for anything. In war there was no depression, but struggle to survive».

Forgive me, when did you wish to die?
She laughs: «Often, but I would never tell you when it happened. Many times I told myself enough, I’m leaving. Then life is stronger and takes you back.

Vittorio Gassman, his set mate, was depressed.
«I remember him when he knocked on my dressing room and said: can I have lunch with the biggest annoyance? It was a nice entrance.’

But annoying why?
«It was my reputation, I love to discuss, challenging topics. Mastroianni was completely different, he went through life with his fake lightness. Nights drinking, smoking, telling jokes. And you never knew of his pains and dark thoughts of him. I find it very elegant. He was a great gentleman. An absolute pleasure to share the set with him, as if he had always been a boy, even if a film was bad it didn’t matter, we wanted to make it. Many unsuccessful projects made me happy all the same. It’s like the fact that I never see myself in the movies, I only remember the moments where I lived them. Artists forget quickly. Try asking a young man who Anna Magnani is. The most precious thing is the present time».

Have you seen the Oscars? Winner Michelle Yeoh and Lady Gaga surprised.

“I have not seen anything. I hate America. I knew Cate Blanchett was running and I was rooting for her. Did the winner, no longer very young, say that no one should think that her best moment has passed? I agree, nobody knows what life is and what it holds for us. And if Lady Gaga went without makeup and in jeans it’s positive, she goes against the dictates of society, she didn’t care about the judgments. It’s a nice thing, life is more important than entering a category. That said, I wouldn’t have done it. I love the idea of ​​dressing up, I like masquerades. I could never say take me as I am, I’d be a hypocrite. Maybe it’s pride.”

She said she didn’t love her body.
“Yes, not even as a young man. The lips too big, the angular face… I had to build myself up, I fought against the ugliness. And at this point in my life, the more I hide behind a false age, the harder it is to age. When I’m unhappy I’m happy to be ugly. So go even deeper, go down the hole. In life one should never complain about getting old and paying too many taxes. If you pay too much it means you earn well. At 15 you understand that in life there is a beginning, a development and an end. Wanting to hide time seems cowardly to me.”

Earlier he said he hated America.
“America with its false freedom, respectability, the domination of social media for which there is no more democracy and justice”.

Instagram is also in Europe.
“All American sins always come to us sooner or later. We are their valets. Today the world is dominated by the alliance of virtue and profit. Thus the completeness of human nature is lost. There is no more free thought».

She is one of the greatest actresses in the world. But if you think back to her beginnings…
«I remember the auditions that went badly. Once I asked for the plot for a film by Roger Vadim, they told me I was a pain in the ass. Insistently, they told me I was a murdered girl whose eyes were put on a board. I burst out laughing and they kicked me out.”

He shot Roman Polansky’s The Palace.
«A black, provocative comedy, set on a New Year’s Eve in Gstaad, in a luxurious hotel, with rich guests and waiters. I am a marquise in love with her dog. Roman’s vitality is extraordinary, so precise, pragmatic, concentrated. What do I think of America that does not forgive the sexual violence of 50 years ago? It is society that judges, condemns. For me, forgiveness is a higher value than justice, this, for me, is wisdom”.

And what kind of grandmother is she?
«Not at all pedagogical, I’m not good to be around, I hate authority and respectability. But I have four grandchildren, three daughters and they are all normal».

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