In Palermo and Rome, the weekly energy cost is 16 euros

In Palermo and Rome, the weekly energy cost is 16 euros

The high temperatures of the week weighed on the energy expenditure of families, who have fought the heat with air conditioning. Between 15 and 21 Julyindeed, the bill for a 'basic' apartment reached 16 euros a Rome and Palermo15 euros per Milan. To say it is the weekly report “Smart Building” by Energy&Strategy (E&S) Group of the Politecnico di Milanowhich considered three regional capitals showing how the amounts paid change when moving from the north to the south of the country.

Climatic conditions are in line with those of the previous survey, and therefore domestic consumption has not changed either; from the composition of the bills it appears that approx 80% of the cost is related to the electrical componentalso due to the need to turn on the air conditioning systems.

Families living in one smart home they pay about half the cost incurred by users of a 'basic' apartment, thanks to the greater efficiency of household appliances and air conditioning systems. In particular, the expenditure is equal to 8 euros for the whole week, with a saving of 7 euros in Milan and 8 euros in Rome and Palermo.

By adding the savings obtained with the savings accumulated since the beginning of 2023, families have set aside 309 euros in Milan, 271 euros in Rome and 219 euros in Palermo.

Graphic by Silvano Di Meo

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