«I’m leaving Sky because a cycle has ended. Leonardo? He conquered me with a book »-Corriere.it

«I'm leaving Sky because a cycle has ended.  Leonardo?  He conquered me with a book »-Corriere.it


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Anna Bill Sky presenter for 19 years: The first few times on TV I felt inadequate, the last time I had teary eyes. My children ask me: mom, what’s going on now? I don’t know, maybe in a while I’ll be homesick

My last match, the final in Istanbul, was particularly exciting. I had already decided to leave Sky and doing it in such an important event was even more significant. A public greeting would not have been very in line with my way of being, but those who know me well, in the shining eyes at the end of the program, had glimpsed the intention. Our Lady of the Champions League, Anna Bill, announced on social media this week her farewell to the TV with which she grew up humanly and professionally, to the point of becoming the constant companion of Italians on European nights in the last three seasons.

Anna, why say hello to Sky at the peak of his career?

Nineteen is a long time and I didn’t want it to become too many. It was a thoughtful decision, certainly not a gut decision. I had the feeling of a cycle coming to an end. This awareness allowed me to enjoy the last few days moment by moment.

Admit that outside his choice will be difficult to understand?

Of course, I understand that it may seem strange to give up such a position, but when you perceive such a clear sensation inside you, it is right to indulge it. Let’s say that the decision was based more on the present than on thinking about future prospects and in respect of my story at Sky. When I arrived I was a girl who knew nothing about television and I felt inadequate in front of the camera.

inadequate? He made the rhyme between attractiveness and competence credible.

a speech of perception, I have never felt attractive. And then to be honest I came from the radio where the voice and the story counted and not the image. I almost felt out of place and I told Massimo Corcione, my director, that my dream would be to become a commentator. It was he who insisted and saw characteristics I didn’t know I had.

What quality is required of a woman to set the pace in a man’s living room?

If you are intellectually honest and show preparedness, you get respect.

The services you will not forget?

The first times were all special. I felt honored the time Giorgio Porr asked me to take care of a column on books in the program “The Wretched Egidio”. A special place in my heart will have my debut as a sent to Marassi following Genoa and then certainly the sidelines of the Champions League final in Madrid in 2010 in the year of the Nerazzurri treble.

What will she miss?

Maybe in three months I’ll have saudade, I don’t know, it’s hard to predict. But for now I just feel like I made the right decision. I will always thank Sky for what she represented for me, at first simply being able to get into the newsroom was a dream. It seems a stretch to say it in the era of everything and immediately, but for me every stage of the journey that I have experienced has been important, and it makes me almost more emotional than the final goal.

Most embarrassing moment of your career?

When in the middle of a Champions League quarter-final draw, Leo asked me to marry him.

Has being the wife of such a well-known sports personality ever made you uncomfortable in your professional life?

We are a simple family, fleeing from overexposure. It has always been easy for us to divide the two floors, private and work. The experience of both and the complicity I believe have been elements of wealth.

How is Leonardo in the dining room at home?
Very, very accurate. He is the locomotive of the family, he represents the organizational part. a person of integrity, a quality I value very much.

What kind of parent?

Very present, a strong point of reference for all his 5 children. She always has the right answer for each of them.

What is your relationship with the children from your husband’s first marriage?

Excellent. There is a natural complicity, my children consider themselves the fourth and fifth of five siblings. Even the choice of their names was not accidental, the first three had five letters, Lucas, Julia, Joana, and with Tiago and Tomas we continued the tradition.

true that Leonardo had conquered her with a book?

Yes, he had left me a copy of Sofia’s world by Gaarder in one of the bushes outside the newsroom.

Did he keep texting her with the books?

Now scatter around the house quotes and phrases. Then I have to go back to the authors. He also makes me do research… The last one: “Honest is a capital that pays off”.

The message to the boys instead?

“Everything that is not given is lost” by Dominique Lapierre.

But do her children know that they won’t see her on TV anymore?

Oh yes I told him as soon as I decided. And the reaction was immediate “Nooo mom, what now?”.

We actually ask him too.

I don’t know what it will be. I see the separation from Sky as an opportunity for change. I’m also curious to see what happens. Meanwhile, I was struck by the affection received.

Will her husband’s work take her out of Italy?

If so, I have already demonstrated that commuting between two countries has never been a problem.

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