«I hope that gender equality will be respected»- Corriere.it

«I hope that gender equality will be respected»- Corriere.it


Of Antonella Baccaro

The chairman could abstain from the board vote if parity were not applied. Fdi and Lega will go in two directions of warhead. Fiorella confirmed.

Only a few hours left to close the picture of new Rai organizational chart
which is expected to exit the board meeting on Thursday morning. The curricula must be deposited 24 hours in advance. On the uncertainties of the last days, daughters of incessant negotiations between the majority parties, and not only, the declaration of the President Marinella Soldi
which, from the Turin Book Fair, he launched a warning: I hope that in the next nominations gender parity in the company, but also on screens, will be applied. A statement that sounds like a notification: if parity is not respected, the president could abstain (to vote against would perhaps be too much). A position that would allow you to escape criticism such as those that hit you when, in the last board meeting, your vote made the difference, allowing for the ratification of the new to Roberto Sergio.

An abstention from Soldi would also pass the appointments of new magazine directors (on genre directors the opinion of the non-binding board of directors), for which it is enough not have less than three votes in favour which, between the CEO and the two centre-right members, are safe. How likely is it that it will end like this? Enough, if true that, at the moment, women among the directors of gender could be only three out of ten (there were five) and among the magazine directors at the moment there could be one in seven, if Angela Mariella popped it up Francis Pionati to the Gr. Also in the previous management Monica Maggioni was the only director, on the other hand, directed the major newspaper.

If the names circulating in the last few hours were confirmed, an initial assessment would see Brothers of Italy and the League with two directions gender and two mastheads each, followed by Forza Italia with one chair for each of the departments. Five genre departments (Culture, Fiction, Cinema, Documentaries and Digital Content) and two newspapers (Tg3 with Mario Orfeo and Rai Parlamento with Giuseppe Carboni) would be left to the opposition. But the oppositions are unhappy: the M5S is still aiming for a more important publication for Carboni, at least Rainews. While the Democratic Party would have denied a connection with some of the directions that are attributed to it, demanding a rebalancing.

Meanwhile, Roberto Sergio is satisfied with the result obtained with the trade unions, which he has canceled next Friday’s strike. Teased by Fiorello this morning on VivaRaiDue, the CEO showed up with a text message, putting an end to the mystery on the showman’s reconfirmation: You will stay on Rai with all of us, he assured him.

Instead, it remains on the grill Marco Damilano, whose daily strip The horse and the tower to be confirmed. Outgoing, despite the excellent ratings and low costs, Serena Bortone, whose place would be threatened by the arrival of Robert Capua. As for Lucia Announced, the rumors of his landing in the 2024 European Championships in Pd share have been denied by the party, but they rekindle the impression that his stay in Rai is not taken for granted. After all, in the past the presenter has already left early both the chair of president of Rai and that of director of Tg3.

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May 22, 2023 (change May 22, 2023 | 6:30 pm)


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