«I acquitted, but I'm still waiting for Schlein to call me»- Corriere.it

«I acquitted, but I'm still waiting for Schlein to call me»- Corriere.it

The former mayor: «I am for the abolition of the abuse of office, we cannot leave this battle to the right. The Democratic Party? it has many souls, we are guaranteed such as Gori, Decaro, Ricci»

Simone Uggetti, why did you tell the secretary Elly Schlein that you are still waiting for your call?

«Because after my definitive acquittal - explains the former mayor of Lodi arrested for a judicial investigation which ended after 7 years with the acquittal - I told a newspaper that I would have liked to receive a call from him. She let it be known that he would. From June 20 to today, however, the phone has remained silent ».

What would you like to tell her?

«I'd like to explain to you what happened to me and to many administrators with justice. I would like the Democratic Party to have a more secular and autonomous line".

You too are for the abolition of the abuse of office, right?

«It would be disastrous from a political and cultural point of view if we left this battle to the centre-right. We have to be on the side of the mayors because they are the first guarantors of the democratic system".

What do you fear?

“In the vast majority of cases, the first citizens are civic volunteers. We must be very hard on those who steal or get bribed, but those who spend themselves in a spirit of service to their community must be protected".

Is it for everyone?

"Certain. I am thinking, for example, of Chiara Appendino (M5S) who ended up sentenced for managing public order. But what is it?"

You know the party line is different.

«The Democratic Party is not a monolith. It has many souls. There are guarantors such as Giorgio Gori, Antonio Decaro, Matteo Ricci. Anyone who has been an administrator knows what I'm talking about».

Are you in harmony with Minister Carlo Nordio?

«I am for guarantees, seriousness and responsibility. Nordio has made many promises but so far his bulletin board is empty. And then it seems to me that the majority of him, from the League to FdI, have very different ideas ».

You also said that the Democratic Party must not be afraid to recognize that even the magistrates are wrong.

«I don't know professionals who don't make mistakes. It happens to architects and doctors, why exclude it for gowns? Independence is a cornerstone, but it does not mean de-responsibility».

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