Holland clamps down on exports of chip-making technology to China

Holland clamps down on exports of chip-making technology to China

MILAN - The Netherlands' clampdown on exports of microchip manufacturing technology to China becomes a reality. The restrictive measures announced in March for reasons of "international and national security" entered into force today, solidifying the agreement signed with the United States and Japan in an anti-Chinese key.

The export control scheme for semiconductors follows the blockade imposed by Washington last fall. Under the new rules, Dutch chip giant ASML – the world's only machine maker using extreme ultraviolet lithography to make advanced semiconductor chips. – will have to request specific licenses to export the technologies for the production of chips also used in the construction of weapons.

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by Maria Sole Betti

Because of the way they can be used, some chips "may make key contributions to certain advanced military applications," he said Liesje Schreinemacher, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. "The uncontrolled export of goods and technology therefore potentially poses national security risks," she added. "The Netherlands bears an extra responsibility in this regard because the country has a unique and leading position in this field. Like export control policy in general, this further step is country-neutral."

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