here is the no-confidence motion of the Movimento 5

here is the no-confidence motion of the Movimento 5


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The M5S calls for his resignation because there is a tendency to consider market rules and trade union and social security rules as tinsel hindering entrepreneurial freedom

Unscrupulous conduct. this is the indictment for which the Movimento 5 Stelle is asking for the resignation of the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanch. The text of the motion of no confidence that will be put to the vote in the Senate on Wednesday 26 has been deposited. From the journalistic investigations – the document reads – a tendency emerges to consider the rules of the market and the trade union and social security rules as trappings of hindrance to entrepreneurial freedom, unscrupulous conduct that cannot be typical of a minister. The facts exposed – adds the M5S – strongly undermine the Minister’s credibility and pose a serious prejudice to her ability to carry out the delicate functions to which she is called.

It is essential – we read again – that our country and its institutions are safeguarded, in their prestige and dignity, also through the dutiful principle of honourability for those entrusted with public functions. The document also mentions the political responsibility of the President of the Council of Ministers who, pursuant to article 95 of the Constitution, directs the general policy of the Government. It expresses its distrust of the Minister of Tourism, Senator Daniela Garnero Santanch, and commits him to tender his resignation.

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July 25, 2023 (change July 25, 2023 | 1:57 pm)


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