he played in Italy with Sampdoria and Atalanta, he was the first «mister million» - Corriere.it

he played in Italy with Sampdoria and Atalanta, he was the first «mister million» - Corriere.it

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A former striker, Trevor Francis was the first player paid £2million. He won 2 Champions Cups with Nottingham, in Italy he played with Sampdoria and Atalanta. He was 69 years old

Trevor Francislegend of English football and, in the 80s, striker of Sampdoria for four seasons and of Atalanta for a championship, died today in Marbella of a heart attack.

Sampdoria gave the news on their website, and the English media who recalled how Francis had been hit by a heart attack already 12 years agoand that for this he wore a stent.

Francis, who grew up in Birmingham City (eight seasons) wore during his career, among others, the shirts of Nottingham Forest, with which he won two European Cups in 1979 (his decisive goal) and in 1980 and Manchester City, before moving to Italy where he stood out above all with Sampdoria.

In Genoa, on the Sampdoria side of the Mantovani, he arrived at the reopening of the borders in 1982 and conquered the 1985 Italian Cup, also winning the title of top scorer — only English footballer to have won one in our country — of the tournament and remaining four championships. He then played one more season with Atalanta before returning to England.

also beenand the first player in English history whose transfer — the one from Birmingham to Nottingham Forest — one million pounds was paidwhile with the English national team he played 52 games participating in the World Cup in Spain in 1982. Sampdoria also remembered him with a message on Twitter by posting a photo of him on the pitch with the Sampdoria number 9 shirt and with a broken heart Rest in peace, Trevor the words of his former team.

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