A dolphin named Thomas Ceccon, gold medalist in Japan

A dolphin named Thomas Ceccon, gold medalist in Japan

To the many definitions by Thomas Ceccon that we collected a few days ago on these pages we must add another one, heard yesterday by Cristina Chiuso, former captain of the Italian national swimming team and technical commentator for Sky: “Thomas Ceccon is a fish”. Simple, effective, definitive. Born to swim, with those long arms, narrow pelvis and infinite trunk that flows into extra-large shoulders. But look at the hydrogen silent in the sea / look at the oxygen beside him sleeping: only a law he can understand. Aquaticism personified. The dolphin man. And just in the dolphin race, at Italian lunchtime, Thomas Ceccon won the gold medal in the 50 meters at the World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, Japan. He dived from lane number six and touched the finish plate with a time of 22''68, a new Italian record. He beat the Portuguese Diogo Matos Ribeiro (22''80) and the French Maxime Grousset (22''82). Never before in its history had Italy won a medal in the dolphin swim at the Long Course World Championships. Thomas Ceccon succeeded, apparently effortlessly (“I'm less tired than before”), scarce half an hour after taking part in the first of the two semifinals of the 100m backstroke. We will be back.

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