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had accused him of cheating - Corriere.it

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The former world champion had been accused by the American Grand Master of defamation and slander, but a Missouri federal court judge dismissed the case, which cannot be presented in any other court

Chess is the most violent sport in existence claimed the great chess player and former world champion Garry Kasparov. But he risked becoming even the most quarrelsome. Luckily for the chess movement, the $100 million lawsuit filed by the American chess grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann vs Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, former world champion and Chess.com, the platform most used by enthusiasts around the world, were dismissed by a Missouri federal judge, ending a clash that had lasted since late 2022.

Even Play Magnus, the mobile platform for learning and training to play chess with the advice of Magnus Carlsen, recently acquired by Chess.com and also Daniel Rensch, chief chess officer of Chess.com, were cited in the lawsuit.

Niemann had decided to take Carlsen to court after the latter had publicly suggested that the young American had cheated in a match at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis on September 5th. I think Niemann cheated more than he has publicly admitted. During our match, at critical moments, he wasn't fully concentrated or showed signs of tension, Carlsen explained on social media.

In his lawsuit, filed on Oct. 20, Niemann accused all parties to charges of slander, defamation, and illegal group boycotting and other actions that allegedly led Niemann to suffer commercial damages, effectively excluding him from the profession. because he would no longer be invited to major tournaments. The judge Audrey Fleissig established how Niemann failed to prove the fact that, after the dispute with the Norwegian, he was actually blacklisted by the chess market. In addition, he added that the decision on the part relating to antitrust issues, i.e. those for which Niemann would have suffered commercial damages, comes with prejudice, which means that any appeal, or a new lawsuit on the same issues, cannot be resubmitted in any other court.

We are very pleased with the court order rejecting Hans Niemann's claims. Our clients are delighted to see the end of this saga and are delighted that all parties can now focus on growing the game of chess, commented Nima H. ​​Mohebbi and Jamie Wine, of Latham and Watkins, members of the law firm representing Chess.com, Play Magnus and Daniel Rensch. No communication from Carlsen, considered by many to be the greatest player of the 21st century, who decided not to defend his title in the last world championship held in Astana which saw the coronation on April 30 of the Chinese Grand Master Ding Liren

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